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Maintained by Gus Lopez (gus@theswca.com)

Ever wonder which weapon goes with which figure? Well, that's the kind of information you can find right here. Any beginning collector should glance at some of these files since they answer many questions that are likely to come up. More experienced collectors might be interested in some of the lists of variations, some of which are more extensive than any such lists published elsewhere.

o Weapons Guide (Wolfgang Schloegl and Rik Morgan)

 Action Figures and Toys
o Boba Fett and Battlestar Galactica - The Firing Missile Crisis
Star Wars Action Figure Variations (Henrik Rasmussen et al.)
o Star Wars Action Figure List (Martin Thurn et al.)
o Star Wars Carded Figure Variations (Chris Georgoulias et al.)
o More figure variations (Anthony Woolley)
o Price guide to carded and loose figures (Howard Wen)
o List of all Kenner Star Wars playsets and vehicles
o Guide to SW card fronts and backs (Tony Mason)
o Luke X-Wing outfit description (Wolfgang Schloegl)
o List of all Kenner Star Wars figures
o The Deterioration of Bubbles on Carded Star Wars Figures (David Yao)

o Addresses to write Star Wars cast and crew for autographs (Gus Lopez et al.)
o Martin's Star Wars Collector's Bible (Martin Thurn)
o SW Promo Cards (Mike Farnham)
o SW Books and Comics (Mike Farnham)
o SW Galaxy Promo Cards (Josh Ling)

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