These came boxed in 4.5"x6" boxes with color photo of toy similar to Mini-
   Rigs, but without the side headers.  Manual functions.
Ewok Assult Catapult - simulated wook, two boulders
Ewok Combat Glider   - tan, wings, two boulders
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon - dark gray plastic
Vehicle Maintenance Energizer - white plastic

Collector's Case - 1979-1983, black vinyl, illustrated cover, holds 24 figures
	Updated to Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi versions
Chewbacca Bandolier Strap - 1983, holds 10 figures plus 2 containers for
	accessories, came boxed
C-3PO Collector's Case - 1983, gold plastic bust of C-3PO, holds 40 figures,
	wrapper with color photos around base
Darth Vader Collector's Case - 1980, black plastic bust of Darth Vader, holds
	31 action figures, wrapper with color photos around base
Laser Rifle Case - 1984, shapled like rifle, holds 91 figures, came packaged
	in color cardboard base
Action Display Stand - 1977, gray plastic stand for action figures with
	cardboard backdrops
Display Arena - 1981, 4 L-shaped plastic stands for action figures and 8
	2-sided backdrop cards with scenes from Star Wars and Empire,
	mail-order item

ACTION FIGURE TOYS ============================================================
AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport), 1981, posible legs, movable control
	center, battery functions
ATL (Air-To-Land) Interceptor Vehicle, 1985, Droids packaging
A-Wing Fighter, 1985, battery-operated sound, Droids packaging
B-Wing Fighter, 1983, battery-operated sound, many manual functions
Cantina Adventure Set, 1978, Sears promotional set, base and backdrop plus 4
	figures: Greedo, Hammerhead, blue Snaggletooth, and Walrusman
Cloud City Playset, 1981, included base, backdrop, 4 figures: 
	Han Solo (Bespin), Ugnaught, Lobot and Dengar, and Boba Fett (rare)
Creature Cantina, 1977, base and scenic backdrop with lever activated
	functions, (no batteries, no figures)
Dagobah Action Playsey, 1981, plastic set with lever-operated functions, 2
	cargo boxes included
Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, 1980, approx 20" long, cross-section of ship,
	manual functions and battery light (no figures)
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, 1977, approx 11" across, battery-operated light
	and sound, pop-off solar panels
Death Star Space Station, 1978, approx 23" high when assembled, 3-story playset
	with many manual features, contains many small plastic parts and trash
	monster (Palitoy version is made of cardboard instead of plastic)
Droids Factory, 1977, plastic base with movable crane, includes 38 plastic
	robot parts (Palitoy version has manually operated conveyer belt
	instead of crane)
Early Bird Package, 1977, envelope with certificate to purchase soon-to-be-
	manufactured action figures and scenes to be used with them
Ewok Battle Wagon, 1984, approx 12" long, free rolling, many manual functions
Ewok Family Hut, 1984, Ewok animated series, hut plus 15 seperate accessories
	including 4 nonposable figures
Ewok Fire Cart, 1984, Ewok animated series, cart plus accessories and 2
	nonposable figures
Ewok Village Action Playset, 1983, approx 12" high, 2-story plastic playset
	with many manual functions, net, boulder, chair (no figures)
Ewok Woodland Wagon, 1985, Ewok animated series, covered 2 wheel cart, horse
Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set, 1980, cardboard, AT-At backdrop, plastic base
	with several maual functions (no figures or battery functions)
Hoth Wampa, 1981, 6" tall, movable arms and legs
Imperial Attack Base (Hoth), 1980, white plastic base with several smaller
	plastic accessories, severla lever-sctivate functions
Imperial Cruiser, Sears, Imperial Troop Transport without sounds
Imperial Shuttle, 1984, approx 18" tall with wings folded, several movable
	features and battery sound
Imperial Side Gunner, 1985, Droids animated series, several manual functions
Imperial Sniper Vehicle, 1984, small one-figure vehicle with overhang wings
Imperial TIE Fighter, 1977, approx 12" wide, pop-off solar panels, battery
	light and sound, whit plastic
Imperial TIE Fighter (Battle Damaged), 1983, battery light and sound, same
	mold as original TIE but in blue plastic with battle damage decals 
Imperial Troop Transport, 1979, compartments for figures plus manual functions,
	6 different battery-operated sounds: C-3PO: "R2-D2 where are you?"
	R2-D2:  assorted beeps, Stormtrooper:  "There's one, set for stun"
	Hovercraft sound, Stun gun sound, Laser gun sound
Jabba the Hutt Playset, 1983, includes Jabba action figure, Salacious Crumb
	molded figure, and platform with several manual functions
Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset, two different versions, both utilize
	reworked base and crane from earlier Droid Factory
        1983 Klaatu Skiff Guard, Nikto, 8D8, box has red background
        1984 EV-9D9, Amannaman, Barada, box has green background
Land of the Jawas Action Playset, 1977, plastic base, plastic escape pod,
	cardboard sandcrawler backdrop, manual functions
Landspeeder, 1977, rolls on spring wheels, hood opens, holds 4 figures
Mini Rigs, 1981-1983, these are small 1 figure vehicles which came uniformly
	packed in 6"x4.5" boxes with side headers.  None had battery functions
        Armored Sentinal Transport (AST-5), orange, two side cannons
        Capitvator (CAP-2), dark gray, many arms
        Desert Sail Skiff, green with orange sail
        Endor Forest Ranger, green, drum-shaped
        Interceptor (INT-4), dark gray, podlike
        Imperial Shuttle Pod (ISP-6), white, dorsal fin
        Mobil Laser Cannon (MLC-3), white, mini-tank
        Multi-Terrain Vehicle (MTV-7), white on high wheels
        Personnel Deployment Vehicle (PDT-8), white with front & back openings
Millennium Falcon Spaceship, 1977, 23" long movable canopy, radar dish,
	retractable landing gear, battery sound
One-Man Sand Skimmer, 1984, small 1-figure vehicle, figure stood on platform
	with single orange sail behind
Patrol Dewback, 1977, approx 10" long, movable head/legs/tail, saddle, reins
Radio-Controlled Sandcrawler, 1978, 17" long, hinged tap/side, side elevator
Rancor Monster, 1983, ~10" high, movable joints, spring-loaded arm section
Rebel Command Center Adventure Set, 1981, cardboard platset, 3 figures:
	R2-D2 (Sensorscope), Luke (Hoth), AT-AT Commander
Rebel Transport, 1982, ~20" long, removable front/back hatches and canons,
	removable top, 5 backpacks, 4 gas masks
Sonic-Controlled Land Speeder, 1977, slightly large than regular Land Speeder,
	battery-operated with rotating front wheel, direction controlled with
	R2-D2 shaped clicker
Scout Walker, 1982, ~10" tall, hand-operated walking mechanism, moveable parts
Security Scout, 1984, small 1-man vehicle, camouflage color, figure was placed
	in front with guns on either side
Slave 1, 1982, ~12" long, movable wings/ramp, adjustable seat, no battery
	functions, one-piece Han Solo in carbonite exclusive to this set
	not to be confused with the carbonite Han Solo later released
Snow-speeder, 1982, ~12" long, movable canopy/harpoon, battery light/sound
Speeder Bike, 1983, ~8" long, movable flaps/brakes/handle bars
Survival Kit, 1980, mail order only, packet of accessories for action figures,
	grappling hook, belt, Jedi training harness, 2 backpacks, 3 gas masks,
	5 different weapons, in clear plastic bag
Sy Snoodles and the Rebo Band, 1983, 3 action figure available only with set:
	Droopy McCool, Max Rebo, Sy Snoodles, included Max's piano, Droopy's
	flute, and Sy's 2 microphones
Tattoine Skiff, 1985, ~12" long, no battery functions
Tauntaun, 1980, ~8" tall, movable front/rear legs, removable saddle/reins,
	trap door in back for placement of figure
Tauntaun (Open Belly Resue Feature), 1980, same as regular model except for
	slot in beely for placement of figure
TIE Interceptor, 1983, ~12" wide, pop-off solar panel, battery light/sound
Turret/Probot, 1980, white plastic base, swiveling turret w/ cannon and trap
	doors, probot on stand, lever-activated functions, no battery functions
Twin Pod Cloud Car, 1980, ~10" wide, molded in orange plastic, movable canopies
	and landing gear, no battery functions
X-Wing Fighter, 1977, ~14" long, movable wings/landing rear/canopy, battery
	light and sound
X-Wing (Battle Damaged), 1980, battery light/sound, same as original with
	battle damage decals
Y-Wing Fighter, 1983, ~20" long, removable engine pods/cannons/bomb, battery