SMALL ACTION FIGURES, Kenner, 1978-1985
  Came blister packaged on color photo headers.  They were released in
eight series (I-VIII), new figures added with each film.  Older figures
were not dropped from production but were repackaged to display the
logo of the most current film.  Some of the oldest figures have five
different packagings before Kenner discontinued the line.  These are
Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Power of
the Force, and triple language (for foreign markets).  The Power of the
Force figures came with a special collector's coin.

2-1B - blue and gray droid, cable running from face to torso, short
staff [also free in PDT-8 vehicle (40070)] (IV 39399)

4-LOM - bug-eyed, tan cloth outfit, short weapon; also mail order
until 8/31/82 (V 70010)

8D8 - tall white droid [also free in Sears Jabba the Hutt Dungeon
Action Playset (59262)] (VII 71210)

Admiral Ackbar - fish eyes, white outfit, short staff; also mail order
until 01/31/83 (VI 70310)

Amanaman - green and buff reptile, ornate staff [also free in Sears
Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset (71381)] (VIII 93740)

Anakin Skywalker - long gray outfit; available in the US only through
Kenner mail order until 05/30/85; all packaged ones are foreign
(VIII 93790)

Arfive-Defour (R5-D4) - same as R5-D4, renamed on ROTJ and some TRI

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) - short white barrel-shaped droid, silver top
(I 38200)

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) - pull-out sensorscope on top (V 69420, 69590)

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) with pop-up Lightsaber - lightsaber removable
from top (VIII 93720)

AT-AT Commander - gray uniform and hat, gun (V 69620)

AT-AT Driver - gray outfit, white helmet, and gloves, rifle w/
shoulder strap [also free in MTV-7 vehicle (40010)] (IV 39379)

AT-ST Driver - light gray uniform, dark gray hat, goggles, gun
(VII 71330)

A-Wing Pilot - green flight suit, gun (VIII 93830)

Barada - green-skinned, brown trousers, white shirt, bandolier,
long-handled weapon [also free in Sears Jabba the Hutt Dungeon
Action Playset (71381)] (VIII 93750)

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - removable brown plastic robe, retractable
lightsaber (I 38250)

Bespin Security Guard - light complexion, black uniform, gun [also
free in Cloud Car vehicle (39860)] (III 39810)

Bespin Security Guard - dark complexion, black uniform, gun (V 69640)

Bib Fortuna - long tentacle on head, removable brown cloth robe, long
ornate staff (VI 70790)

Biker Scout - white armor, black gloves/leggings, squarish weapon
(VI 70820)

Boba Fett - green and grey armor, short rifle; also mail order
until 12/31/80 (II 39250)

Boba Fett - same as above with spring-loaded firing rocket pack
missile; available only from Kenner mail order with proof of
purchases, but taken off market due to child safety of projectile
(Technically never produced.  Exists only in prototype form.  22
known to exist)

Bossk (Bounty Hunter) - brown skin, tan and white jumpsuit, short
rifle (III 39760)

B-Wing Pilot - red flightsuit, gun (VII 71280)

C-3PO - See See-Threepio

Chewbacca - brown Wookiee, bowcaster (I 38210)

Chief Chirpa - solid gray Ewok, cowl, staff (VI 70690)

Darth Vader - black plastic removable cape, retractable lightsaber 
(I 38230)

Death Squad Commander - gray outfit, wide black helmet, gun (I 38290)

Death Star Droid - tall silver droid (II 39080)

Dengar - tan outfit/headgear, darker breastplate/leggings long rifle
(IV 39329)

The Emperor - stooped, black outfit, cane; also mail order until
04/15/84 (VII 71240)

Emperor's Royal Gaurd - red cloth robe, long staff (VI 70680)

EV-9D9 - tall, bronze metallic droid [also free in Sears Jabba the
Hutt Dungeon Action Playset (71381)] (VIII 93800)

FX-7 (Medical Droid) - gray metallic cylindrical droid, 9 white sensor
arrays (III 39730)

Gamorrean Guard - green with horns, brown tunic, short axe (VI 70670)

General Madine - tan and blue outfit, short staff (VI 70780)

General Veers - same as AT-AT Commander, but mounted with plastic
shrink-wrap on a one-sided thin cardboard, presumed (by some) faked or
bootlegged (69382)

Greedo - green skin/outfit, horns, gun (II 39020)

Hammerhead - long brown snout, blue outfit, gun (II 39030)

Han Solo - black vest, gun, small head on SW, large head on SW, ESB,
ROTJ (I 38260)

Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) - tan legs, dark blue parka, gun (III 39790)

Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) - long-sleeve jacket, gun (IV 39339)

Han Solo (in Carbonite Chamber) - light colored shirt, translucent
plastic box (VIII 93770)

Han Solo (in Trench Coat) - long camouflage coat, gun (VII 71300)

IG-88 (Bounty Hunter) - tall, silver droid, bandolier, long rifle (III 39770)

Imperial Commander - dark uniform and hat, gun (IV 39389)

Imperial Dignitary - long purple outfit and hat (VIII 93850)

Imperial Gunner - black jumpsuit and helmet, gun (VIII 93760)

Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear) - long removable white
plastic apron, rifle (III 39740)

Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot - black flight suit, gray gloves/boots, gun
(V 70030)

Jawa - short brown, gun, early US/foreign had removable plastic cape,
most are cloth (I 38270)

Klaatu - green skin, vest, bandolier, helmet, cloth apron, long
forked weapon (VI 70730)

Klaatu (in Skiff Guard Outfit) - light colored jumpsuit, long weapon
[also free in Sears Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action Playset (59262)]
(VII 71290)

Lando Calrissian - blue shirt, short gray cloak, gun (III 39800)

Lando Calrissian (General Pilot) - long tan cloth cloak, gun
(VIII 93820)

Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise) - removable helmet, long
forked weapon (VI 70830)

Lobot - bald w/ earphone-like headpiece, gun (IV 39349)

Logray (Ewok Medicine Man) - tan striped Ewok, cowl, shoulder bag,
elaborate staff (VI 70710)

Luke Skywalker - Tatooine outfit, retractable lightsaber (I 38180)

Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot - orange flightsuit, gun (II 39060)

Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues) - tan outfit, brown boots, gun
(III 39780)

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear) - light-colored jumpsuit, hat,
binoculars, rifle with shoulder strap (V 69610)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit) - black outfit, long brown cloth
cloak, green lightsaber, gun (VI 70650)

Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho) - short camouflage cloth poncho,
helmet (VIII 93710)

Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit) - white armor, removable
helmet (VIII 93780)

Lumat - gray Ewok, dark cowl, shoulder bag, bow (VII 93670)

Nien Nunb - gray skin, red jumpsuit, dark vest, gun; also mail order
until 06/15/83 (VI 70840)

Nikto - brown wrinkled skin, green tunic, gray pants/breastplate, long
elaborate weapon [also free in Sears Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Action
Playset (59262)] (VII 71190)

Paploo - brown Ewok, tan cowl, forked staff (VII 93680)

Power Droid - dark, box-shaped droid (II 39090)

Princess Leia - white pants suit, white plastic removable robe,
small gun (I 38190)

Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) - brown outfit, pink plastic removable robe,
gun (III 39720)

Leia (Hoth Outfit) - tan and white jumpsuit, gun (IV 39359)

Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise) - removable helmet, long
elaborate weapon (VI 70660)

Princess Leia Organa (in Combat Poncho) - short camouflage cloth
cloak, helmet, gun (VII 71220)

Prune Face - eye-patch, long tan cloth cloak, rifle (VII 71320)

R2-D2 - See Artoo-Detoo

R5-D4 - short white barrel-shaped droid, white top (II 39070)

Rancor Keeper - fat bare-chested man, headpiece, weapon (VII 71350)

Rebel Commander - light colored jumpsuit, hat, mustache, scarf, rifle
with shoulder strap [also free in MLC-3 vehicle (40020)] (IV 39369)

Rebel Commando - green fatigues, hat, rifle with shoulder strap
(VI 70740)

Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) - brown and tan outfit, hat, gun
[also free in Snowspeeder vehicle (39610)] (III 39750)

Ree-Yees - brown outfit, three eyes, rifle (VI 70800)

Romba - brown Ewok, dark cowl, spear (VIII 93730)

Sand People - tan outfit, removable plastic cloak, gaderffi stick
(I 38280)

Sandpeople - same as Sand People, renamed on ESB

See-Threepio (C-3PO) - tall gold droid (I 38220)

See-Threepio (C-3PO) with removable limbs - removable limbs, black
plastic carrier (V 69430, 69600)

Snaggletooth - red pants, short legs, gun (II 39040)

Squid Head - tan cloth apron, brown cloth cloak, gun (VI 70770)

Star Destroyer Commander - same as Death Squad Commander

Stormtrooper - white armor, gun (I 38240)

Teebo - gray striped Ewok, pink animal-head helmet, shoulder strap,
stone axe (VII 71310)

Too-Onebee (2-1B) - same as 2-1B, renamed on ROTJ, TRI, POTF, some ESB

Tusken Raider (Sand People) - same as Sand People, renamed on ROTJ, POTF

(Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot - white flagsuit, wide white/orange helmet,
gun (V 69630)

Ugnaught - short, pig-snouted, blue cloth apron, black rope, white
suitcase (IV 39319)

Walrus Man - green skin, orange and blue outfit, gun (II 39050)

Warok - gray Ewok, brown cowl, shoulder bag, bow (VIII 93810)

Weequay - brown skin, bald with ponytail, gray tunic, blue sleeves,
long forked weapon (VI 70760)

Wicket W. Warrick - small brown Ewok, cowl, spear (VII 71230)

Yak Face - tall long-faced alien, dark pants, tan top; never released
in US (VIII 93840)

Yoda - small, green skin, removable cloth robe, plastic snake, cane,
belt (III 38310)

Yoda the Jedi Master - same as Yoda, renamed on ROTJ, POTF, TRI

Zuckuss - dark gray bug-eyed droid, rifle (V 70020)

  Additional character figures which were only available boxed,
by themselves or with vehicles/playsets, include:

Dianoga, only in Death Star Play Station (38050)

Droopy McCool - only in Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band Action Figure
Set (71360)

Han Solo in Carbonite, black plastic one-piece block, only in Slave
I Boba Fett's Spaceship (39690)

Hoth Wampa, 6" tall (69560)

Jabba the Hutt, only in Jabba the Hutt Action Playset (70490)

Max Rebo - only in Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band Action Figure
Set (71360)

Patrol Dewback, 10" long green lizard with integrated saddle and
trapdoor to insert action figure's legs (39240)

Probot, only in Turret/Probot Playset (38330)

Rancor Monster, 10" tall (71060)

Salacious B. Crumb, only in Jabba the Hutt Action Playset (70490)

Snaggletooth - blue pants, long legs, silver boots, only available in
Sears Cantina Adventure Set (38861)

Sy Snootles - only in Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band Action Figure
Set (71360)

Tauntaun (39820)

Tauntaun, with open belly rescue feature (93340)

Wampa Snow Creature from Hoth, same as Hoth Wampa (69560.3593)

  62 silver-colored aluminum coins were made to go along with many
figures and some toys.  The coins were blister packed on the "Power of
the Force" figure packages.  The front of each coin shows the
character, the back has a short description of the character and
either a "Star Wars" or a "Power of the Force" logo.  Though designed
to go with the figures, it should be noted that many figures were
never released in "Power of the Force" packaging.  Coins for those
figures were available only through the mail from Kenner, who sent one
"random" coin at a time.

Amanaman, Anakin Skywalker, AT-AT, AT-ST Driver, A-Wing Pilot, Barada,
Bib Fortuna, Biker Scout, Boba Fett, B-Wing Pilot, Chewbacca, Chief
Chirpa, Creatures, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Droids, Emperor, Emperor's
Royal Guard, EV-9D9, FX-7, Gamorrean Guard, Greedo, Han Solo, Han Solo
(Carbon Freeze), Han Solo (Rebel), Han Solo (Rebel fighter), Han Solo
(Rebel hero), Hoth Stormtrooper, Imperial Commander, Imperial
Dignitary, Imperial Gunner, Jawas, Lando Calrissian (Bespin), Lando
Calrissian (Millennium Falcon), Luke Skywalker, Luke Skywalker
(Tatooine outfit), Luke Skywalker (X-wing outfit close-up), Luke
Skywalker (X-wing in background), Luke Skywalker (Jedi knight,
close-up), Luke Skywalker (Jedi knight, Dagobah), Luke Skywalker (On
tauntaun), Luke Skywalker (On speeder bike), Logray, Lumat, Millenium
Falcon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Paploo, Princess Leia (Boushh), Princess Leia
(Wearing helmet), Princess Leia (Original hair style), Romba, R2-D2,
Sail Skiff, Star Destroyer Commander, Stormtrooper, Teebo, TIE Fighter
Pilot, Too-Onebee, Tusken Raider, Warok, Wicket, Yak Face, Zuckuss

DROIDS, 1985
  Series of figures based on the animated TV series.  Came blister
packed on color header.  All packages included a gold-color aluminum
coin of the character.  Kenner, at one time, announced that it was
going to add figures to the series but apparently dropped those plans.
Boba Fett and A-Wing Pilot are included as part of this series and
appear in Droids packaging.  The figures themselves are no different
from the movie ones.

A-Wing Pilot - same figure as Star Wars A-Wing Pilot (93830)

Boba Fett - same figure as Star Wars Boba Fett (39260)

C-3PO - flat yellow finish as opposed to gold metallic used on movie
figure (71770)

Jann Tosh - gray pants, brown vest, rifle (71840)

Jord Dusat - purple tunic, red sleeves, belt and boots, rifle (71810)

Kea Moll - green and white outfit, rifle (71800)

Kez-Iban - purple skin, bandolier, gun (71850)

R2-D2 - non-metallic finish on dome, pop-up lightsaber (71780)

Sise Fromm - green skin, purple cloth robe (71820)
Thall Joben - dark jumpsuit, yellow boots, gun (71790)

Tig Fromm - green skin, gray and purple outfit, short staff (71830)

Uncle Gundy - fat little man, tan outfit, mustache, hat, rifle (71880)

  The names of the unproduced prototype figures are: Admiral Screed,
Gaff, Governor Koong, Jessica Meade, Kleb Zellock, Mon Julpa, Mungo
Baobab, and Vlix.

EWOKS, 1985
  Series of figures based on the animated TV series.  Kenner, at one
time, announced that it was going to add figures to the series but
apparently dropped those plans.  Character coins are copper colored.

Dulok Scout - green with white eye paint, short club (71160)

Dulok Shaman - brown and yellow eye paint, necklace, long brown staff

Logray - Ewok in blue outfit, long ornate staff (71260)

King Gorneesh - brown legs, necklace, headpiece, long gray staff

Urgah Lady Gorneesh - yellow-brown, brown shawl (71170)

Wicket W. Warrick - differs from movie version by having painted-on
non-removable cowl, spear (71250)

  The names of the unproduced prototype figures are: Bondo, Chief
Chirpa, Chituhr, Morag, Paploo, and Weechee

LARGE ACTION FIGURES, Kenner, 1977-1980
  Dolls came packaged in window boxes with side panels depicting a
photograph of the character.  Boxes originally came with colored
cardboard liners which were slotted to hold accessories (if any).  All
boxes, except one, carry the "Star Wars" logo.  Though others were
originally planned, only IG-88 was packaged in "Empire Strikes Back"
box.  (Boba Fett was still in "Star Wars" packaging.)

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2), 7.5" tall, white barrel-shaped droid with silver
domed top, back panel opens to hold two removable "circuit boards"

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, 12" tall, white hair/beard, white robe with
black collar, brown robe with hood, brown boots, yellow lightsaber

Boba Fett, 13.5" tall, gray and green outfit, helmet with swing-up
"range finder," cape, rifle, backpack, two "Wookiee-scalps," belt

Chewbacca, 15" tall, brown, bowcaster, bandolier w/ 16 removable gray
plastic inserts (38600)

Darth Vader, 15" tall, black finish with helmet, black cape, red
lightsaber (38610)

Han Solo, 12" tall, brown hair, black pants, white shirt, black vinyl
vest, boots, pistol, holster, gold plastic medallion on red ribbon

IG-88, 15" tall, silver droid, brown bandolier w/ 4 red "grenades,"
pistol, rifle (39960)

Jawa, 8" tall, tan with yellow eyes and brown boots, brown hooded
robe, X-shaped bandolier, rifle (39350)

Luke Skywalker, 12" tall, blond hair, tan pants, white shirt, white
boots, belt, grappling hook, blue lightsaber (38080)

Princess Leia, 12" tall, fiber hair held in original bun style by two
plastic rings, white dress with hood, silver plastic belt, white
stockings, white plastic shoes, blue plastic comb and brush, hairstyle
booklet (38070)

See-Threepio (C-3PO), 12.5" tall, metallic gold finish, no clothing
or accessories (38620)

Stormtrooper, 12" tall, white armor with black details, rifle can be
secured to waist of figure with black tread loop (39180)

  Both the small and large action figures were sold throughout Europe
variously under Palitoy, Meccano, and Denys Fisher brand names.
Despite the different names and slight variations in packaging, these
are essentially the same figures as were sold in the US and elsewhere.
  There was a series of figures manufactured in Japan by Takara
primarily for the Pacific market, which are different from the Kenner
versions.  These are very rare in the US.  All are approximately 8"
tall.  Came originally blister packed on cardboard headers.

Chewbacca, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper


C-3PO, "clean" (62673)

C-3PO, "gold," on pedestal base with name inscribed, mail-in

Chewbacca, arms spread, bowcaster pointing up in the air, removable
bowcaster (62676)

Darth Vader, wielding orange lightsaber (62671)

Luke Skywalker, Bespin fatigues, wielding blue lightsaber (62672)

R2-D2 (62674)

Stormtrooper (62675)

4 pack, includes "dirty" C-3PO, Princess Leia, R2-D2, Obi-Wan
Kenobi (62634)

4 pack, same as above in POF packaging (69781)

6 pack, includes Darth Vader with hands on hips, Luke Skywalker,
Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Boba Fett, orange-yellow [1994]
or white [early 1995] backing board

6 pack, same as above in POF packaging (69782)

SMALL ACTION FIGURES, Kenner, 1995-present

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi With Lightsaber and Removable Cloak! (69576)

Boba Fett With Sawed-Off Blaster Rifle and Jet Pack! (69582)

C-3PO With Realistic Metalized Body! (69573)

Chewbacca With Bowcaster and Heavy Blaster Rifle! (69578)

Darth Vader With Lightsaber and Removable Cape! (69572)

Han Solo With Heavy Assault Rifle and Blaster! (69577)

Han Solo in HOTH GEAR With Blaster Pistol and Assault Rifle! (69587)

Han Solo disguised as a stormtrooper, Froot Loops cereal mail order
until 12/31/96

Imperial Scout Trooper, only available with Imperial Speeder Bike

Lando Calrissian With Heavy Rifle and Blaster Pistol! (69583)

Luke Skywalker With Grappling-Hook Blaster and Lightsaber! (69571)

Luke Skywalker in DAGOBAH FATIGUES With Lightsaber and Blaster
Pistol! (69588)

Luke Skywalker in X-wing Fighter Pilot Gear With Lightsaber and
Blaster Pistol! (69581)

Princess Leia Organa With "Laser" Pistol and Assault Rifle! (69579)

R2-D2 With Light-Pipe Eye Port and Retractable Leg! (69574)

Stormtrooper With Blaster Rifle and Heavy Infantry Cannon! (69575)

TIE Fighter Pilot With Imperial Blaster Pistol and Rifle! (69584)

Yoda With Jedi Trainer Backpack and Gimer Stick! (69586)

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