Kenner Figures: Variations: Company: COO
Wave I, Star Wars:      
Luke Skywalker                            yellow hair, tan legs    
  yellow hair, darker legs    
  yellow hair, diffenrent facial features, different color pants, softer lightsaber    Taiwan
  darkbrown hair    
  lightbrown hair    
  orange hair    
  telescoping lightsaber    
Chewbacca                                green bow    
  black bow     
  dark blue bow    
  brown, gray, darkgray or black  bag    
Princess Leia Organa                     black hair    
  black hair, different face    Taiwan
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) darkblue panels    
  lightblue panels    
Han Solo                                 small head, legs molded in white plastic    
  small head, legs molded in black plastic    
  large head    
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi                     gray hair, red-brown body, pale face, wide stance    
  gray hair, orange-brown body, flesh face, cloce stance    
  white hair, pale face, wide stance    
  greyish-white hair , red-brown dody, pale face, wide stance    
  telescoping lightsaber    
Darth Vader                              thin buckle and chest plate buttons    
  thick buckle and chest plate buttons    
  thinner cape, small points on mouthpiece    
  large extruding points on mouth piece    
  telescoping lightsaber    
Stormtrooper                             standard    
  different chest mold    
See-Threepio (C-3PO)                          
  Extremely gold colour    
Jawa                                     vinyl cape     
  cloth cape (crepe)    
  cloth cape (crepe) , large hood    
  cloth cape (plain / smooth / silky)    
Tusken Raider (Sand People)              solid cheek tubes, darkbrown paint     
  solid cheek tubes, lightbrown paint    
  solid cheek tubes, larger head    Hong Kong
  hollow cheek tubes    
  pointed horns, indented mouth (tri-logo)    
Star Destroyer Commander (Death Squad Commander)                blue and red bars    
  darkblue and maroon bars, pale face     
Wave II, Star Wars:      
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)                Hong Kong
  different mold   Hong Kong
      China stamped on raised bar
      Blank raised bar (China version)
  helmet painted, brighter orange mold (tri-logo)   no coo 
Greedo                                   standard    
  dark green body, dark boots  (tri-logo)   scar
  blue boots    
    PBP scar
Snaggletooth                             red body    
  burgundy body  PBP scar
Walrus Man                                                      pink mouth    
  white mouth    
  dark green head and hands, shiny boots    
  much lighter head  Meccano 1.. where coo should be
  darker blue and orange PBP no coo 
Power Droid                              standard   Hong Kong
    Palitoy no coo
Arfive-Defour (R5-D4)                         
Death Star Droid                              
Boba Fett                                redbrown belt and visor   Hong Kong
  dark gray belt and visor   Taiwan
  light blue (tri-logo), painted kneepad, painted wrist dart   scar
  light blue (tri-logo), painted kneepad, unpainted wrist dart    scar
  light blue (tri-logo), unpainted kneepad, painted wrist dart    scar
  light blue (tri-logo), unpainted kneepad, unpainted wrist dart    scar
Wave III, Empire Strikes Back:      
Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)         yellow hair, light boots    
  yellow hair, dark boots (tri-logo)    
  yellow hair, light boots (tri-logo)    
  brown hair    
  redbrown hair    
  olive-green hair    
  olive green hair (tri-logo)    
  orange hair (Palitoy)    
Han Solo (Hoth Battle Gear)              legs painted mustard, grey gloves, grey-white scarf, pink face    
  legs painted mustard, white gloves, yellow-white scarf, pale face, lighter legs    
  legs painted mustard, grey-green legs    
  legs painted tan (darker than the regular figure)    
  legs molded in mustard   Made in Hong Kong
  pink face (tri-logo)    
Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)                crew neck, brown hair, pale hands,dull face     
  crew neck, darkbrown hair, flesh hands, shiny face     
  turtle neck, darkbrown hair, pink hands     
  gold neck    
Lando Calrissian                         with teeth, white eyes    
  no teeth, dark eyes    
Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)   standard, split visor     
  standard, joined visor     
  sharper moulding, shorter, smother cape with round holes (YPS / tri-logo), normal gun    scar
  sharper moulding, shorter, smother cape with round holes (YPS / tri-logo), Action Force gun    scar
Rebel Soldier                            light brown jacket, pale face, boots molded, light headband     
  light brown jacket, tan face, boots painted, dark headband     
  dark brown jacket (tri-logo), white face    
  dark brown jacket (tri-logo), pink face    
Bossk (Bounty Hunter)     green face    
  orange face    
  tan face    
  darker scales (tri-logo)    
IG-88                                    gray    
  hollow eyes    
  dull silver finish (tri-logo)    
FX-7                         red eye    
  orange eye                
Bespin Security Guard, White             short mustache    
  long mustache, flesh hands     
  long mustache, dark hands     
Yoda, The Jedi-Master                    Orange snake, light green skin, dark brown solid eyes     
  Orange snake, light green skin, light brown solid eyes, orange cane, peg belt fastner     
  Orange snake, pale green skin, light brown solid eyes, brown cane     
  Orange snake, deep green skin, brown pie eyes, brown cane     
  Light brown snake, green skin, dark brown pie eyes, dark brown cane     
  Light brown soft snake, darker green skin, dark brown pie eyes, dark brown cane, peg belt fastner     
  Dark brown snake, darker green skin,dark brown pie eyes, very dark cane, ribbed coat, peg belt fastner     
  Green snake, darker green skin, brown pie eyes, light brown cane, dark brown pie eyes, peg belt fastner    
  Green snake curled behind arms, green skin, dark smaller pie eyes, dark brown cane     
Wave IV, Empire Strikes Back:      
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)                 flesh colored neck    
  yellow neck, darker hands    
Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit) dark brown hair                   
  redbrown hair    
  black hair    
  dotted emblem    
  rounder chubby face (tri-logo)    
Imperial Commander                       short neck, rounder face (tri-logo)    
  long neck    
Lobot                                    flesh/pink hands, brown head band    
  flesh/pink hands, darkbrown head band    
  pale/yellow hands, dark brown head band    
Rebel Commander                          light boots, light scarf, pale face, brown facial features     
  light boots, dark scarf, flesh face, black facial features     
  dark brown boots PBP Hong Kong
  very dark (almost black) boots PBP Hong Kong
Dengar                                   flesh face    
  yellow face    
  pale face, darker armor (tri-logo)    
2-1B                                     blue    
  metallic blue    
AT-AT Driver                             orange insignia    
  red insignia    
  fragile insignia (tri-logo)    
Wave V, Empire Strikes Back:      
See-Threepio (removeble limbs)           golden, old head    
  golden, new head    
Artoo-Detoo (sensorscope)                     
Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear)        redbrown headband, dark boots    
  brown headband, light boots    
AT-AT Commander                          dark gray, orange face    
  dark gray, flesh face    
  light gray, pale face, a bit taller (tri-logo)    
Bespin Security Guard, Black             red cuffs, darker face    
  orange cufs, lighter face    
Cloud Car Pilot                          flesh face    
  pink face, darker grey belt and pouches    
  pale face    
  squat head (tri-logo)    
  no coo (Meccano/Macao)  Meccano no coo
    PBP scar
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot               light grey paint    
  dark grey paint    
4-LOM                                   brown armour, gray mouth    
  red tint armour, black mouth  PBP no coo
Wave VI, Return of the Jedi:      
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit)      blue saber, face painted, snap-on cloak   Hong Kong
  blue saber, face painted, sewn  cloak   Hong Kong
  green saber, face molded, snap-on cloak   Taiwan
  green saber, face molded, sewn cloak   Taiwan
  green saber, pale painted face, snap-on cloak   Taiwan
  green saber, pale painted face, sewn cloak   Taiwan
  lighter green saber, molded face   Made in Hong Kong
  squat head (tri-logo)    
Leia Organa (Boushh Disquise)            chest belt #1    Hong Kong
  chest belt #2   Taiwan
  chest belt #3 (Tri-logo)    
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disquise)  brown face    
  darkbrown face, darker armor    
Admiral Ackbar                           dark gray painted torso, molded hands   Taiwan
  creamcolor painted torso, molded hands   Taiwan
  olive painted torso, molded hands   Taiwan
  molded torso, painted hands   Hong Kong
  molded torso, painted hands   no 
General Madine                           gray hair, arms and legs molded in gray plastic    
  olive hair, arms and lewgs molded in black plastic    
  molded hair / painted face    
Rebel Commando                           painted face    
  molded face    
Emperor's Royal Guard                    orange-red or crimson helmet    
  deep red cape Meccano and PBP no coo
Biker Scout                              long thin mouth    
  long wide mouth    
  long wide mouth   Macao
Bib Fortuna                              tight bold detailing on the sculpted rope belt on the torso    Hong Kong
  soft and smooth sculpted rope belt on the torso, less detailed. Cape green on the inside   Taiwan
Squid Head                               grey cape    
  dark charcoal cape    
  pinkish / pale brown cape    
  greenish-grey cape, whiter skirt (tri-logo)    
  dark brown cape (tri-logo)    
  ribbed cape    
Ree-Yees                                 redbrown, arms and legs painted    
  dark brown, arms and legs molded    
Gamorrean Guard dark armor   no coo
  silver armor   H.K and Hong Kong
  light skin    Macau
Klaatu         dark gray limbs, silver helmet, painted face                               
  light grey limbs, dark silver helmet, green molded face     
  tan limbs,  painted or molded face    
  combo of gray and tan limbs     
Weequay                                  brown shoulders and cuffs    
  darkbrown shoulders and cuffs    
Nien Nunb                                warm red plastic    
  cold red plastic    
Chief Chirpa                             large eyes    
  small eyes    
  off white (Macau)    
Logray (Ewok Medicine Man)                light brown stripes    
  dark tan stripes    
  greenish stripes, Macau    
Wave VII, Return of the Jedi:      
Han Solo (in Trench Coat)                camo colar, pink head, redbrown hair    
  gray colar, yellow head, darker hair    
Leia Organa (in Combat Poncho)           flesh face, pale hands    
  pale face, flesh hands    
B-Wing Pilot                             flesh face    
  pale face    
Prune Face                               light green legs    
  dark green legs    
The Emperor                              light grey    
  dark grey    
AT-ST Driver                             pale face    
  flesh face    
Klaatu (in Skiff Guard Outfit)                
Rancor Keeper                            soft hood   Taiwan
  semi-hard hood    
  brown pants    
  gray pants    
8D8                                      legs with or without circles    
  left leg with circle, right leg without circle    
  left leg without circle, right leg with circle    
Teebo                                    light stripes    
  dark stripes, darker eyes, light pink accessories    
Wicket W. Warrick                             
Wave VIII, Power of the Force:      
Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho)             
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Outfit)          
Han Solo (in Carbonite Chamber)               
Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)              
Artoo-Detoo (with pop-up Lightsaber)          
Anakin Skywalker                              
A-Wing Pilot                                   
Imperial Gunner                               
Imperial Dignitary                            
  very dark skin    
Yak Face                                      
Figures from playsets, all films:      
"blue" Snaggletooth                    with or without toe dent Kenner Hong Kong
"Droid Factory" R2-D2        
Max Rebo                   
Sy Snootles           silver microphone    
  black miscophone    
Droopy McCool         silver microphone, black clarinet    
  black mircophone, silver clarinet    
Boba Fett    (same as standard)      
A-Wing Pilot (same as standard)      
Artoo-Detoo  (cartoonished)      
See-Threepio (cartoonished)      
Thall Joben      
Jord Dusat      
Kea Moll      
Jann Tosh      
Uncle Gundy      
Kez Iban      
Tig Fromm      
Sise Fromm      
Vlix (Glasslite)      
Wickwt W. Warrick (cartoonished)      
Logray (cartoonished)      
Dulok Shaman      
Dulok Scout      
King Gorneesh      
Lady Urgah Gorneesh      
Foreign Figures: Variations: Variations: COO:
Takara (Japan)      
Darth Vader different  sculpt    
See-Threepio (C-3PO) different  sculpt    
Stormtrooper slightly smaller, screw in back    
"wind-up" R2-D2 very different wind-up figure, way smaller than standard figure    
Lili-Ledy (Mexico)      
See-Threepio (C-3PO) screw instead of rivet used to attach body, dull gold color    
  screw instead of rivet used to attach body, shiny gold color    
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)      
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi dark grey hair with dark blue saber.    
Darth Vader thicker saber, different head sculpt    
Stormtrooper torso cast in a "thicker" type of plastic; duller than normal release. Black mouthpiece on mask painted larger. Leg marked GMFGI 1977 with raised ridge underneath for a country of origin.    
Jawa cape made out of a different material with two piece design for a removable hood. Eyes are oval instead of the big or small round eyes on the normal release. Came with a black Nien Nunb blaster Lili-Ledy Marked "GMFGI 1977" with "HONG KONG" underneath on one leg. 
Death Squad Commander / Star Destroyer Commander darker grey plastic    
Boba Fett cast in darker blue plastic. Leg marked CPG 1979 with other leg having two grooves for a country of origin (like the Tri-Logo release), fixed rocket.    
  cast in darker blue plastic. Leg marked CPG 1979 with other leg having two grooves for a country of origin (like the Tri-Logo release), loose rocket.    
Yoda brown snake, molded in a dark  green color, black eyes, has no COO.    
Han Solo (Bespin) pants cast and painted in a darker brown paint/plastic. Hair is black rather than brown and painted over the ears without "side burns." Leg marked LFL 1980 with no country of origin.    
Luke Skywalker (Bespin) darkbrown hair    
Leia Organa (Bespin) (Turtleneck version): Leg marked "Made in Hong Kong." Hair is painted a lighter brown color than normal version. Eyebrow detail in light brown. Back of the head is usually not fully painted towards the bottow leaving a flesh color on the back of the head at the bottom. (This may be an ESB release variant)    
  made using the mold with the COO "China" on her right leg and the plastic used to mold her face was glossy and with a very light pink color alike the Han Trench Coat head.    
Rebel Commander      
Imperial Commander      
Cloud Car Pilot Boots and glooves in brighter yellow color; grey painted details glossier. Weapons cast in a dark grey color Lili-Ledy  Leg marked LFL 1981 with no other writing.
Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot      
Zuckuss figure's head cast in a dull dark grey color different from normal release, his belly has grey/silver dull paint and the standard version has silver paint. Back of the figure's feet has two circular marks (possibly mold release spots?) Leg marked LFL 1982 with opposite leg having a raised ridge where the country of origin once was.    
C-3PO (removable limbs)      
Nien Nunb      
Bib Fortuna figure's hands and cuffs painted a glossy grey color rather than white-ish color. His head was molded using a dark beige color instead of the  standard version that had a clear beige, the Ledy version was made using the Hong Kong mold, his staff is made in a dark grey color. Cloak is a darker, and more greenish, color than the U.S. release and with a white "square" pattern on the material's inrside.    
  burgundy red cloak    
Squid Head eyes are painted using a shinny strong blue color and his wrist are painted using a dark grey color, his belt was made of a more bendable material than the sandard one that is more rigid, also the Ledy belt doesn't have serail number inside (the Kenner has a serail number inside).    
  cape in normal color    
  cape in dark brown reddish color    
Ree-Yees pink head, legs were molded using the brown color and the boots were painted using grey paint that is too fragile because it can be removed easily    
Klaatu skirt has a long fuzzy hair. Boot marked LFL 83 with no country of origin present.    
Weequay darker and shinier hair    
Gamorean Guard      
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) darker brown cape, different paint, saber is different than standard version because the circles on the handle are bigger in the Ledy saber.    
Leia Organa (Boushh disguise) red eyes, darkbrown chest, darker silver helmet, clear brown or dark brown hair, clear silver or dark silver chest armor    
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)      
Admiral Ackbar hands painted, torso cast in tan/sandy plastic, lighter yellow stripes, brown eyes     
General Madine      
Chief Chirpa      
Logray Painted with glossy stripes (color can vary on the stripes); no country or copyright info on figure.    
Biker Scout alternate mask with short mouthpiece.    
Emperor's Royal Guard darker bloodred cape, darker spear    
Prune Face boots are painted using a shiny green color instead of  the standard version that used a dull green    
Rancor Keeper was molded using the Hong Kong mold but he doesn't have a good detail like the Hong Kong figure. Lighter shorts     
Nikto darker headband, face is clearer than standard version     
Klaatu (Skiff Guard)      
B-Wing Pilot grey leia gun    
The Emperor face and hands painted in glossy paint. Packaged with a Chief Chirpa cane cast in black plastic. Leg marked LFL 1984 in a less detailed font.     
AT-ST Driver      
Han Solo (Trench coat) coat is made from a rougher "burlap" material and thicker than normal release.  Hair is a glossier color; head was made using a pink plastic color, leg marked LFL 1984 with no country. Came with a black Bespin blaster, camo deco is a darker color     
  reddish camouflage    
Leia Organa (combat poncho) poncho made out of a different darker material and has no holes for the belt. Head and helmet painted in glossier paint. Boot marked LFL 1984 with no country of origin present. Usually came with a grey Leia blaster.    
Wicket W. Warrick "Chief Chirpa Staff" in a more clear color    
Lumat same as the standard figure    
Paploo same as the standard figure    
Top Toys (Argentina)      
 "All Top Toys figures are smaller than the Kenner ones, has no holes in feet and are  less detailed"       
Chewbacca unique gun    
Darth Vader different cloak, different saber    
Stormtrooper unique gun    
Yoda different paint, different plastic accessories    
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) unique brown gun, different saber, different cape material    
Chief Chirpa no variation exept for the general Top Toys variation    
Logray very dark stripes, black assessories    
Glasslite (Brazil)      
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) different paint, different saber    
Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth) different paint, no skirt, lightblue gun    
See-Threepio (C-3PO) dull gold    
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) body from "pop-up lightsaber" and head from "droids" R2-D2    
  with blue eye instead of red    
Chewbacca unpainted bag, Zuckus gun    
Darth Vader different saber, thinner cape, wider white belt buckle    
Han Solo  lighter face and hands, black Jawa gun    
Princess Leia Organa  lighter skin, thiner cape material, silver Jawa gun    
TolToys (Austalia)      
Jawa darker vinyl cape     
Last Updated: August 3, 2009
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various lists on the internet, talking with other collectors, and own discoveries.
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