(update: 8/24/94)
To support the collecting market for "Star Wars" action figures
through the Net, this guide has been compiled for the benefit of
collectors, buyers and curiosity seekers.  This information is
based on various price guides available.  Where there was a
conflict (different prices listed in two sources for the same
figure), either the latest price is listed below or the one that
is lowest.
This price guide lists ALL of the "Star Wars"-related action
figures that were manufactured by Kenner, from 1977 through 1985,
including those based on the short-lived "Droids" and "Ewoks"
cartoon series that aired Saturday mornings on ABC in '85.  This
list does NOT include figures on Tri-Logo'ed cards, the infamous
Turkish figures, or special packages containing multiple action
figures that Kenner distributed (with the exception of the "Sy
Snootles & the Reebo Band" 3-pack).
If you see a mistake and/or a listing that needs to be updated,
PLEASE send what you find/information you have to
""  Direct inquiries or suggestions to the
same address.  Based on responses received and information
gathered, this guide will be updated toward the end of every
month.  This guide will also be made available at
"LOS" - "Loose," an action figure no longer on its original card.
Price listed assumes figure is in "like new" to good condition and
includes all accessories (i.e. gun, light saber or cape) that
originally came with it.
"SW1" - An action figure on a card with the "Star Wars" logo, the
back of which lists artist renditions (NOT photographs) of the
first 12 action figures.  Referred to as a "12-back."  HIGHLY
"S20" - An action figure on a card with the "Star Wars" logo, the
back of which lists photographs of the first 20 action figures.
Referred to as a "20-back."
"S21" - Same as above but includes a photo of a 21st figure, Boba
Fett.  Referred to as a "21-back."
"ESB," "JED" and "POF" - An action figure on a card with either an
"Empire Strikes Back," "Return of the Jedi," or "Power of the
Force" logo, respectively.
"NAV" - "Not Available," meaning that either a listed price was
not found at the time this price guide was compiled OR, most
likely, that such a figure on such a card is not known to exist.
"MOC" - "Mint on the Card," referring to all non-loose action
figures still on their original cards.  Naturally, the condition
of the card itself determines the figure's overall value.
"STAR WARS" (1st series, 1978)      LOS-SW1-S20-S21-ESB-JED-POF
Ben Kenobi (white hair)             015-125-095-095-045-035-085
Ben Kenobi (grey hair)              015-125-095-095-045-035-065
C-3PO                               010-085-055-055-045-035-NAV
Chewbacca                           010-115-075-075-045-035-075
Chewbacca (w/green crossbow)        045-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV
Darth Vader                         010-125-075-075-045-035-075
Death Squad Commander               010-105-075-075-065-055-NAV
Han Solo (small head)               025-385-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV
Han Solo (large head)               015-425-275-275-125-125-NAV
Jawa (plastic cape)                 125-455-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV
Jawa (cloth cape)                   010-125-075-075-065-035-075
Luke Skywalker (blonde hair)        016-222-095-095-075-065-NAV
Luke Skywalker (brown hair)         025-NAV-NAV-NAV-095-095-NAV
Luke Skywalker ("Early Bird")       125-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV
Princess Leia                       018-225-150-150-150-300-NAV
R2-D2                               010-085-055-055-045-035-NAV
Sand People                         012-125-075-075-055-055-NAV
Stormtrooper                        010-125-085-085-045-035-155
"STAR WARS" (2nd series, 1979)      LOS-SW1-S20-S21-ESB-JED-POF
Boba Fett                           015-NAV-NAV-350-145-075-NAV
Death Star Droid                    010-NAV-085-085-065-045-NAV
Greedo                              010-NAV-080-080-060-038-NAV
Hammerhead                          010-NAV-085-085-065-045-NAV
Luke Skywalker, X-Wing Pilot        010-NAV-095-095-065-045-085
Power Droid                         010-NAV-085-085-065-045-NAV
R5-D4                               010-NAV-085-085-085-045-NAV
Snaggletooth (red uniform)          010-NAV-085-085-085-045-NAV
Snaggletooth (blue uniform)         085-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV-NAV
Walrusman                           010-NAV-085-085-075-055-NAV
"EMPIRE S.B." (1st series, 1980)    LOS-ESB-JED-POF
Bespin Security Guard (black)       008-035-055-NAV
Bespin Security Guard (white)       008-055-030-NAV
Bossk                               008-035-035-NAV
FX-7                                008-035-035-NAV
Han Solo (Hoth)                     015-045-045-NAV
IG-88                               008-035-035-NAV
Imperial Snowtrooper                010-045-035-NAV
Lando Calrissian (unpainted teeth)  008-030-NAV-NAV
Lando Calrissian (painted teeth)    008-035-030-NAV
Leia (Bespin, profile turtle neck)  015-075-NAV-NAV
Leia (Bespin, profile crew neck)    015-075-NAV-NAV
Leia (Bespin, front turtle neck)    015-055-NAV-NAV
Leia (Bespin, front crew neck)      015-055-055-NAV
Luke (Bespin, walking, blonde hair) 018-085-NAV-NAV
Luke (Bespin, walking, brown hair)  018-NAV-NAV-NAV
Luke (Bespin, looking, blonde hair) 018-065-NAV-NAV
Luke (Bespin, looking, brown hair)  018-NAV-065-NAV
Rebel Snow Soldier                  010-030-030-NAV
"EMPIRE S.B." (2nd series, 1981)    LOS-ESB-JED-POF
2-1B                                008-035-035-NAV
4-LOM                               008-075-022-NAV
AT-AT Driver                        008-022-022-175
Dengar                              008-035-035-NAV
Han Solo (Bespin)                   015-055-055-NAV
Imperial Commander                  008-025-022-NAV
Lobot                               008-022-022-NAV
Princess Leia (Hoth)                015-040-035-NAV
Rebel Commander                     008-022-022-NAV
Ugnaught                            008-035-035-NAV
Yoda (w/orange snake)               008-035-NAV-125
Yoda (w/brown snake)                008-NAV-030-NAV
"EMPIRE S.B." (3rd series, 1982)    LOS-ESB-JED-POF
AT-AT Commander                     008-025-025-NAV
C-3PO (w/removable limbs)           010-035-030-065
Cloud Car Pilot                     008-028-022-NAV
General Veers                       NAV-500-NAV-NAV
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)               015-035-035-NAV
R2-D2 (w/sensorscope)               010-030-030-NAV
Tie Fighter Pilot                   010-038-035-NAV
Zuckuss                             080-030-028-NAV
"RETURN JEDI" (1st series, 1983)    LOS-JED-POF
Admiral Ackbar                      008-022-NAV
Bib Fortuna                         008-022-NAV
Biker Scout                         005-015-050
Chief Chirpa                        008-022-NAV
Emperor's Royal Guard               008-025-NAV
Gamorrean Guard                     005-012-125
General Madine                      008-022-NAV
Klaatu                              008-018-NAV
Lando Calrissian (Skiff)            010-025-NAV
Leia (Boushh disguise)              015-045-NAV
Logray                              008-022-NAV
Luke (Jedi Knight, blue saber)      045-145-NAV
Luke (Jedi Knight, green saber)     025-065-135
Nein Numb                           008-025-NAV
Rebel Commando                      008-022-NAV
Ree-Yees                            008-025-NAV
Skiff Guard                         008-016-NAV
Squid Head                          008-022-NAV
"RETURN JEDI" (2nd series, 1984)    LOS-JED-POF
8D8                                 008-022-NAV
AT-ST Driver                        008-018-050
B-Wing Pilot                        004-008-012
Emperor                             008-025-035
Han Solo (trench coat)              015-045-255
Klaatu (Skiff)                      008-020-NAV
Luma                                016-025-035
Nikto                               008-018-175
Paploo                              016-025-035
Princess Leia (poncho)              015-040-080
Prune Face                          008-018-NAV
Rancor Keeper                       005-012-NAV
Sy Snootles & Band (3-figure set)   036-060-NAV
Teebo                               008-025-125
Wicket Warrick                      008-025-085
"POWER OF THE FORCE" (1985)         LOS-POF
Amanaman                            030-065
Anakin Skywalker                    035-295
A-Wing Pilot                        025-045
Barada                              028-065
EV-9D9                              025-055
Han Solo (carbonite)                085-180
Imperial Dignitary                  022-048
Imperial Gunner                     035-065
Lando Calrissian (pilot)            028-065
Luke Skywalker (poncho)             025-055
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)       080-150
R2-D2 (pop-up light saber)          025-055
Romba                               015-032
Warok                               016-032
Yak Face                            100-495
"DROIDS" Cartoon Series (1985)      LOS-MOC
A-Wing Pilot*                       025-075
Boba Fett*                          015-095
C-3PO                               015-035
Jann Tosh                           008-020
Jord Dusat                          008-020
Kea Moll                            008-020
Kez-Iban                            008-020
R2-D2                               015-035
Sise Fromm                          015-030
Thall Joben                         008-020
Tig Fromm                           015-036
Uncle Gundy                         008-016
* -- These figures, loose, are IDENTICAL to
their non-"Droids" counterparts.
"EWOKS" Cartoon Series (1985)       LOS-MOC
Dulok Shaman                        008-016
Dulok Scout                         008-016
King Gorneesh                       008-016
Logray                              008-016
Ugrah                               008-016
Wicket                              008-016
Q: What is a "Tri-Logo'ed" card?
A: For the international market (outside the U.S. and Canada),
Kenner released action figures on cards that had three logos, each
in a different language.  Despite their uniqueness, Tri-Logo'ed
carded figures aren't worth as much as the U.S./Canada versions.
A figure on a Tri-Logo'ed card generally goes for a third to half
the price of its U.S./Canadian equivalent.
Q: What are the "Turkish" figures?
A: A toy manufacturer in Turkey pirated some of the Kenner action
figures.  The figures weren't as well made as the Kenner
originals, of course, but they were put on cards as well.  Some of
the figures that this Turkish manufacturer made were bizarre:
Such as a blue Imperial Snowtrooper.  Prices for these figures,
either loose or MOC, varies.
Q: Exactly how many "Star Wars" figures did Kenner make?
A: This has been a source of debate among collectors.  Kenner's
"official" number was 92, but most collectors agree that the
number is exactly 99.  This number, 99, includes Yak Face (which
was only available outside the U.S.), the "Sy Snootles & the Reebo
Band" 3-pack (counting each figure as one), both versions of the
Bespin Security Guard (black and white), the three versions of R2-
D2 and two versions of C-3PO.  This number does NOT include
corrected details of the same figure, such as the two Han Solos
(big and small head) and Snaggletooths (red uniform, short; blue
uniform, tall), nor the figures from the "Droids" or "Ewoks" line.
Confused?  Just remember that if one version of a figure was made
to "correct" something "wrong" with a previous version (i.e. the
first Han Solo's head was ridiculously small), then all these
versions count as one.  The same holds true if the paint color or
design is different from one figure to the next.  Regardless, it's
still the same figure, and, thus, counts as one.
Q. Were there Boba Fett figures sold that fired the missile
A. There are now!  (See below.)  However, from Kenner, no.  A few
unpainted, working protoypes that fired the rocket were made.  But
only non-firing Boba Fetts were given away in the mail (during a
special mail-in figure offer) and sold on the card.  (This story
is further detailed in "Star Wars: From Concept, To Screen, To
Collectable".)  Kenner backed away from selling rocket-firing Boba
Fetts due to unfortunate incidents that occurred when children
playing with Mattel's "Battlestar Galactica" spacecraft toys shot
these toys' missiles into their mouths and choked on them.
(Interestingly, today, many of Kenner's "Jurassic Park" and
"Batman" action figures feature rocket-firing weapon accessories.)
Somebody has taken out a full-page ad in the latest "Action Figure
News & Toy Review," selling Boba Fett figures that have been
modified to fire missiles.  Check it out if you're still
interested in having a child-hazardous Boba Fett.
Q. Is it true that Kenner will soon be re-releasing all the "Star
Wars" figures?
A. This was reported in many of the toy-collecting magazines.  It
is NOT true (and has been recently stated as so in the same
publications).  The latest is that Kenner and Lucasfilm have an
"understanding" that Kenner will again take up the license.  When
(or if) action figures are made, they will probably be of the same
scale as Kenner's "Batman" and "Jurassic Park" and Playmates'
"Star Trek" and "seaQuest DSV" figures.
Q. Is there really a 100th figure, General Veers?
A. Maybe.  Based on what some have said, this "lost" figure was on
a card with a "Return of the Jedi" logo stickered over an "Empire
Strikes Back" logo, and the entire carded figure was packed with
the AT-AT Imperial Walker accessory.  Unlike Yak Face, it was
never sold separately anywhere.  Others have said this figure is
no big deal:  That it's actually an Imperial Commander figure in a
different package.  (In fact, further details gathered suggest
that the Imperial Commander was originally supposed to have been
sold as "General Veers.")  If this is so, then that means this
figure is worth what it is only if it's ON THE CARD.  Otherwise,
loose, it'd be worth only as much as an Imperial Commander, since
this is what the figure technically would be.  Check updates of
this price guide, if more information on this mysterious Veers
figure comes in.