(revised  6-5-95)

1)  This is an attempt to assemble the most complete and accurate list of 
    card variations as they were sold for the U.S. market.

2)  Figures are listed under the name printed on the card.  Variations in 
    the "name" are noted as is each "photo" that has appeared. Further
    callouts include "color" which refers to the bubble and nameplate back-
    ground colors and "packing" is noted on major packaging variations.  The
    name of the included "coin" is at the end of each appropriate listing.  
    The Kenner part number is also listed with each figure.  The consecutive
    numbering scheme corresponds to the numbering system used on the figure
    variation list. Both lists are to be used in conjunction with one another
    and are separated in order to provide a better understanding of the multi- 
    tudes of variations that occur both in product and packaging.

3)  Tri-logo versions are the only foreign cards listed, mainly due to the
    fact that they are so widely available here in the U.S. and in fact were 
    sold in the U.S. towards the end of the toy line.  They also happen 
    to be the only foreign series that has many photo variations to offer.
    Tri-logo ROTJ figures include two carded figures unique to foreign release 
    as well as including many from the eight U.S. series.  None of the Tri-logo
    packages included a coin. The colors of the bubble and nameplate areas 
    on Tri-logo packages is sometimes different from the U.S. counterparts, 
    this variation is not called out like it is with the U.S. cards.  Tri-logo
    cards sometimes note the character's name in french as well as english.  
    this is not a variation either.  Also, many Tri-logo card photos are just 
    an expanded, or  cropped, version of the U.S. photo, instances like this 
    are not variations.

4)  Variations in the weapon (usually the substitution of a laser rifle for 
    a laser pistol or vice versa) is relatively common and difficult to pin 
    down because of the random occurrences.  This is not considered a major
    variation but it does show up from time to time.  

5)  Variations do occur in the way the figure is actually packaged.  For
    example, the figure may or may not have a cardboard plate to stand on,
    or a differently sized bubble may have been used for a time.  Later
    figures were packaged with a form fitted plastic back in the bubble that
    prevented movement within the bubble.  None of the tri-logo figures had
    this plastic back.  Also, the weapon may be either held by the figure or
    taped in the bubble.  These aren't really considered variations, but again
    they must be mentioned.  Some major packing variations are listed though.
6)  Photos and offers on the card backs were changed frequently.  The offers
    on the card backs were constantly updated as new figures were added.  The
    photo of the current number of figures was also updated to account for new
    releases.  Likewise, offers for free figures and accessories were present
    on most packages.  Corresponding offers in the form of stickers or
    printing on the front of the card occurred frequently after the second
    series was released.  Cards with these offers shown are not considered
    variations, thus they are not mentioned here.  For a complete listing of
    card backs see the updates in issues of Action Figure Digest magazine.

7)  There have been found, on occasion, figures packaged on the wrong card or
    with the wrong coin.  But this usually cannot be traced to specific figures
    or specific card series.  This type of variation is mostly considered an
    oddball but is quite an amusing thing to discover.  Though it should be 
    noted that the POTF AT-AT Driver and the POTF Nikto, both of which were
    Australian releases, were purposely packaged with Warok coins.

8)  This list is a compilation of work by many people including (but not
    limited to):  Chris Georgoulias, Gus Lopez, Josh Ling, Martin Thurn, 
    Wolfgang Schloegl, George Emmons, and Chip Cataldo.

SW  -Star Wars                         (series I and II)
ESB -The Empire Strikes Back           (series III thru V)
ROJ -Return of the Jedi                (series VI and VII)
POF -The Power of the Force (w/coin)   (series VIII)
TRI -Tri-logo ROTJ card (European)

** SW Series I **

     Chewbacca                                        38210               
1.1       photo: slicked hair                           SW, ESB, ROJ
1.2       photo: frizzy hair                            ROJ, POF, TRI
           coin: Chewbacca                            

     Luke Skywalker                                   38180           
2.1       photo: Tatooine                               SW, ESB, ROJ
2.2       photo: gunner                                 ROJ, TRI
     Princess Leia Organa                             38190
3         photo: standing                               SW, ESB, ROJ  

     Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)                              38200
4         photo: standing                               SW, ESB

     Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi                             38250             
5.1       photo: profile view                           SW, ESB, ROJ
5.2       photo: front view                             ROJ, POF, TRI
           coin: Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master 

     Sand People
6.1       photo: attacking                              SW, ESB, ROJ
6.2       photo: attacking                              ROJ, TRI
           name: Tusken Raider (Sand People)          

     Han Solo                                         38260
7.1       photo: holding gun                            SW, ESB, ROJ
7.2       photo: holding gun w/ both hands              ROJ, TRI
     Jawa                                             38270
8.1       photo: shooting                               SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI
8.2       photo: shooting                               POF 
           coin: Jawa - Desert Scavengers 

     Death Squad Commander                            38290         
9.1       photo: front view                             SW 
           name: Death Squad Commander                
9.2       photo: front view                             ESB, ROJ, TRI
           name: Star Destroyer Commander             
     Darth Vader                                      38230   
10.1      photo: drawing lightsabre                     SW, ESB, ROJ, POF, TRI
10.2      color: white (bubble area only)               SW (Takara)
10.3      photo: pointing                               ROJ
           coin: Darth Vader - Lord of the Sith 
     Stormtrooper                                     38240           
11.1      photo: 2 troopers in doorway                  SW, ESB, ROJ
           name: Stormtrooper
11.2      photo: 1 trooper and smoke                    TRI
           name: Imperial Stormtrooper               
11.3      photo: troopers in doorway                    POF
           name: Imperial Stormtrooper                
           coin: Stormtrooper - Empire

     See-Threepio (C-3PO)                             38220
12        photo: standing                               SW, ESB

** SW Series II **

     Greedo                                           39020 
13        photo: front view                             SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI
     Snaggletooth                                     39040
14        photo: sitting at bar                         SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Walrusman                                        39050
15        photo: painting                               SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Hammerhead                                       39030
16        photo: sitting at table                       SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)                    39060
17.1     photo: on x-wing ladder                        SW, ESB, ROJ
          name: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
17.2     photo: on x-wing ladder                        POF, TRI
          name: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Fighter Pilot)
          coin: Luke Skywalker - Jedi

     Death Star Droid                                 39080
18       photo: front view                              SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI
     Power Droid                                      39090
19       photo: standing                                SW, ESB, ROJ, TRI 

     R5-D4                                            39070
20.1     photo: luke inspecting                         SW, ESB                
          name: R5-D4     
         color: red                  
20.2     photo: luke inspecting                         ROJ, TRI
          name: Arfive Defour (R5-D4)
         color: orange

     Boba Fett                                        39250
21.1     photo: painting                                SW, ESB, ROJ
21.2     photo: firing laser rifle                      ROJ, TRI

** ESB Series III **

     Bespin Security Guard                     39810
22       photo: with other guards                       ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Bossk (Bounty Hunter)                            39760
23       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     FX-7                                             39730                   
24.1     photo: painting                                ESB
          name: FX-7                                
24.2     photo: painting                                ESB, ROJ, TRI
          name: FX-7 (Medical Droid)                    

     IG-88 (Bounty Hunter)                            39770                 
25.1     photo: left profile                            ESB, ROJ
25.2     photo: same, no background                     TRI      

    Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)          39740
26       photo: front view                              ESB, ROJ, TRI

    Princess Leia (Bespin Gown)                       39720
27.1     photo: semi-profile, heavy makeup              ESB
          name: Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) 
27.2     photo: standing by window                      ESB, ROJ, TRI
          name: Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Gown)

    Lando Calrissian                                  39800
28.1     photo: standing with guards on left            ESB, ROJ
28.2     photo: standing with guards on right           TRI

    Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)                  39780
29.1     photo: standing in corridor                    ESB
29.2     photo: twisting, facing camera                 ESB, ROJ
29.3     photo: back against wall                       TRI
     Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear)                 39750
30       photo: standing by radar laser cannon          ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)                           39790            
31.1     photo: face close-up                           ESB, ROJ
          name: Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
31.2     photo: face close-up                           ESB, ROJ, TRI
          name: Han Solo (Hoth Battle Gear)

     Yoda                                             38310        
32.1     photo: sitting                                 ESB
          name: Yoda                       
32.2     photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, POF, TRI
          name: Yoda, The Jedi Master       
          coin: Yoda - The Jedi Master

** ESB Series IV **

     Lobot                                            39349 
33.1     photo: w/ stormtroopers                        ESB, ROJ
33.2     photo: w/ security guards                      TRI

     Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)                        39359 
34.1     photo: standing in doorway                     ESB
          name: Leia Organa (Hoth Oufit)
34.2     photo: standing in doorway                     ESB, ROJ
          name: Leia (Hoth Outfit)                   
34.3     photo: hands on hips                           TRI
          name: Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit)                   

     AT-AT Driver                                     39739
35       photo: close-up                                ESB, ROJ, POF, TRI
          coin: Warok - Ewok                  

     Dengar                                           39329
36       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI
     Ugnaught                                         39319
37       photo: climbing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     2-1B                                             39399
38.1     photo: front view                              ESB    
          name: 2-1B   
38.2     photo: front view                              ESB, ROJ, TRI 
          name: Two Onebee (2-1B)                           
     Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)                         39339   
39       photo: standing in doorway                     ESB, ROJ, TRI
     Imperial Commander                               39389
40       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Rebel Commander                                  39369
41       photo: standing in hangar                      ESB, ROJ

** ESB Series V **

     Cloud Car Pilot                                  69630        
42.1     photo: in cloud car                            ESB
          name: Cloud Car Pilot           
42.2     photo: in cloud car                            ESB, ROJ, TRI
          name: (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot    
     Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)  (with sensorscope)          69590  69420          
43       photo: with C3PO                               ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Luke Skywalker (Hoth Battle Gear)                69610
44       photo: on tauntaun                             ESB, ROJ, TRI
     4-LOM                                            70010 
45       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Zuckuss                                          70020
46       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     Bespin Security Guard                     69640
47       photo: standing                                ESB, ROJ, TRI

     AT-AT Commander                                  69620
48       photo: walking at-ats                          ESB, ROJ, TRI

     See-Threepio C-3PO (with Removable Limbs)        69600            69430
49       photo: on chewie's back                        ESB, ROJ, TRI  POF
          name: See-Threepio (with Removable Limbs)                          
          coin: C-3PO - Protocol Droid 

     Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot                       70030    
50.1     photo: 2 TIEs and Falcon over asteroid         ESB, ROJ
50.2     photo: 2 TIEs only                             TRI

** ROTJ Series VI **

     Admiral Ackbar                                   70310
51       photo: close-up                                ROJ, TRI
     Bib Fortuna                                      70790
52       photo: close-up                                ROJ, TRI

     Biker Scout                                      70820 
53       photo: on speeder bike                         ROJ, POF, TRI
          coin: Biker Scout - Empire    

     Chief Chirpa                                     70690
54       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI
     Emperor's Royal Guard                            70680
55       photo: close-up                                ROJ, TRI

     Gamorrean Guard                                  70670
56       photo: standing                                ROJ, POF, TRI
          coin: Gamorrean Guard - Palace Sentry
     General Madine                                   70780
57       photo: close-up                                ROJ, TRI

     Klaatu                                           70730
58       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

     Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Disguise)          70830
59       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

     Logray                                           70710
60       photo: standing                                ROJ, POF, TRI

     Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit)              70650
61.1     photo: pointing gun                            ROJ
        packed: cape laid flat in package                           
61.2     photo: pointing gun                            ROJ, TRI, POF
        packed: cape in bag             
          coin: Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight
     Nien Nunb                                        70820
62       photo: close-up                                ROJ, TRI

     Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)           70660
63       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

     Rebel Commando                                   70740
64       photo: at bunker                               ROJ, TRI

     Ree Yees                                         70800
65       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

     Squid Head                                       70770
66       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

     Weequay                                          70760
67       photo: standing                                ROJ, TRI

** ROTJ Series VII **

     Princess Leia Organa (in Combat Poncho)          71220
68       photo: standing                                ROJ, POF, TRI
          coin: Princess Leia - Rebel Leader

     Wicket W. Warrick                                71230     
69.1     photo: standing                                ROJ
          pack: spear packed on right side 
         color: yellow 
69.2     photo: standing                                ROJ, POF, TRI
          pack: spear packed on left side 
         color: orange 
          coin: Wicket - The Ewok

     Teebo                                            71310
70      photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: Teebo - Ewok 

     Prune Face                                       71320
71      photo: standing                                 ROJ, TRI

     Rancor Keeper                                    71350
72      photo: standing                                 ROJ, TRI

73   Nikto                                            71190 
        photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: Warok - Ewok 

     Han Solo (in Trenchcoat)                         71300
74      photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: Han Solo - ?

     Klaatu (in Skiff Guard Outfit)                   71290
75      photo: standing                                 ROJ, TRI

     8D8                                              71210
76      photo: standing                                 ROJ, TRI

     B-Wing Pilot                                     71280 
77      photo: of b-wing ship                           ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: B-Wing Pilot - Rebel
     AT-ST Driver                                     71330  
78.1    photo: of an AT-ST                              ROJ, POF
78.2    photo: side view of AT-ST, bad contrast         TRI
         coin: AT-ST Driver - Empire         
     Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band                    71360
79       incl: Sy Snootles 
80             Droopy McCool
81             Max Rebo
         pack: packaged in shadow box w/bubble          ROJ
         pack: packaged in a box                        TRI

     The Emperor                                      71240
82      photo: sitting                                  ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: Emperor - Galactic Ruler
     Paploo                                           93680    
83      photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF
         coin: Paploo - Ewok
     Lumat                                            93670 
84      photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF
         coin: Lumat - Ewok Warrior

** POTF Series VIII **

     Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) (with pop-up lightsaber)     93720
85.1    photo: R2 short-circuiting                      POF
8521    photo: same, but reversed & showing C3PO        TRI
         coin: R2-D2 - Rebel Droid

     Yak Face                                         93840  
96.1    photo: front view                               POF
96.2    photo: front view                               TRI
         pack: no weapon                               
         coin: Yak Face - Bounty Hunter

     Amanaman                                         93740
87      photo: standing                                 POF, TRI
         coin: Amanaman 
     Anakin Skywalker                                 93790
88      photo: painting                                 POF,TRI
         coin: Anakin Skywalker - Jedi

     EV-9D9                                           93800
89      photo: close-up                                 POF, TRI
         coin: EV-9D9 - Torture Droid
     Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)                 93820
90      photo: standing                                 POF, TRI
         coin: Lando Calrissian - Rebel General

     Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Disguise)  93780 
91.1    photo: close-up                                 POF
91.2    photo: same but reversed negative               TRI
         coin: Luke Skywalker - Rebel Leader 
               Stormtrooper armor picture
     Han Solo (in Carbonite Chamber)                  93770    
92.1    photo: front view                               POF
       packed: in chamber                
92.2    photo: front view                               TRI
       packed: on top of chamber          
         coin: Han Solo - Carbon Freeze

     Imperial Dignitary                               93850
93      photo: standing                                 POF, TRI
         coin: Imperial Dignitary - Empire

     Imperial Gunner                                  93760  
94      photo: standing                                 POF, TRI 
         coin: Imperial Gunner - Empire
     Romba                                            93730
95.1    photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF
95.2    photo: standing, dark contrast                  TRI
         coin: Romba - Ewok

     Warok                                            93810            
96      photo: standing                                 ROJ, POF, TRI
         coin: Warok - Ewok
     A-Wing Pilot                                     93830
97      photo: of A- Wing                               POF, TRI
         coin: A-Wing pilot - Rebel    

     Barada                                           93750
98      photo: standing                                 POF, TRI
         coin: Barada - Skiff Sentry  
     Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho)                93710
99      photo: standing in forest                       POF, TRI      
         coin: Luke Skywalker - Rebel Leader
               speeder bike picture

1) Besides the U.S. series, there was a Bi-lingual Canadian series where each 
   card had the same generic photo of R2-D2 and C-3PO running down a hall.  
   This card did not show the character's name. The same photo was used on the
   Brazilian series manufactured by Glasslite.  These packages had a sticker
   showing the character name and did not come with a coin

2) A second planned series never got past the prototype stage.
3) Most of the figures were completely new, but there were some used directly
   from the movies. Each figure came with its own gold-toned coin of the 

     Boba Fett                                        39260
1       photo: standing in hallway   
         coin: Boba Fett - Bounty Hunter

     See-Threepio C-3PO                               71770
2.1     photo: kneeling under ship
         coin: C-3PO - Protocol Droid   (U.S. card)
2.2     photo: generic
         coin: C-3PO - Droids      (bi-lingual card)
     Artoo-Detoo R2-D2                                71780
3       photo: with accessories in motion 
         coin: R2-D2 - Droids

     Thall Joben                                      71790
4       photo: sitting in ship
         coin: Thall Joben - Speeder Racer

     Kea Moll                                         71800 
5       photo: standing 
         coin: Kea Moll - Freedom Fighter

     Jord Dusat                                       71810
6       photo: standing
         coin: Jord Dusat - Thrill Seeker

     Sise Fromm                                       71820
7       photo: sitting 
         coin: Sise Fromm - Gang Leader

     Tig Fromm                                        71830
8       photo: standing
         coin: Tig Fromm - Techno Villain

     Jann Tosh                                        71840
9       photo: standing
         coin: Jann Tosh - Adventurer

     Kez-Iban                                         71850
10      photo: ducking 
         coin: Kez Iban - Lost Prince

     Uncle Gundy                                      71880
11      photo: standing
         coin: Uncle Gundy - Prospector

     A-Wing Pilot                                     93830
12      photo: pilot running         
         coin: A-Wing Pilot - Rebel      

     Vlix                                             xxxxx
13      photo: generic
         coin: none


1) There were no variations in the packaging for the short-lived Ewok series.
   Like the Droids, the second planned series also never got past the 
   prototype stage.

2) Besides the U.S. series, there was also Bi-lingual Canadian series where 
   each card had the same generic photo of Wickett and Kneesaa.  Like the
   Droids, this card did not display the name of the character either.

3) All of the Ewok series figures were completely new and molded to resemble
   their cartoon counterparts.  Each came with its own copper-toned coin of
   the character.

      Dulok Shaman                                    71150
1        photo: standing         
          coin: Shaman - Dulok
      Dulok Scout                                     71160
2        photo: swinging on vine         
          coin: Scout -Dulok

      Urgah Lady Gorneesh                             71170
3        photo: standing      
          coin: Urgah - Dulok

      King Gorneesh                                   71180
4        photo: holding club            
          coin: King Gorneesh - Dulok

      Wicket W. Warrick                               71250
5        photo: swinging on vine        
          coin: Wicket - Ewok Scout

      Logray, Ewok Medicine Man                       71260
6        photo: standing on hill        
          coin: Logray - Ewok Shaman