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Welcome to the Star Wars Collectors Archive Special Feature. The Special Feature is a section of the site that spotlights special interests in a way that is detailed, informative and comprehensive. Moreover, it allows for collectors to contribute to the Archive in a very direct and personal manner. You will find informative charts here, as well as articles, lists and galleries, each of which is focused on a specific area of collecting. We hope that you will find this section of the site enlightening, and we hope that it will continue to grow as we receive more valuable suggestions and submissions. If you have an idea that you think would make a good special feature, please read our submission guidelines.

Current Special Feature:

oUnlicensed Star Wars Ceramics (Ron Salvatore)

Archived Special Features:

oA Journey Into Trilogo & Bubble Variations (Stéphane Faucourt)
oA Collectors Guide to Kenner Baggies (Todd DeMartino and Bill Wills)
oStar Wars Underoos (Gus Lopez)
oMini-Rigs: Concept Models (Robert Musco)
o A Guide to Plasticos Pedro Luca Bootlegs (John J. Alvarez)
o A Definitive Guide to Model Trem Brazilian Lead Bootlegs(Joseph Yglesias)
oA Beginner's Guide to Polish and Eastern European Bootlegs (John J. Alvarez)
oBlue Harvest Memorabilia (Gus Lopez)
oArchive Lexicon (Chris Georgoulias and Isaac Lew)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Licensed Replica Props (Gus Lopez)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Kenner's American Special Offers (Steve York)
oA Collector’s Guide to Star Wars Chirashis (John J. Alvarez)
oThe Comprehensive Star Wars Cereal Premium Checklist (Gus Lopez)
oThe Comprehensive Star Wars Cereal Display Checklist (Gus Lopez)
oSuper Models: A Look at Kenner Concept Models (Ron Salvatore)
oThe Woman's Day Empire Strikes Back Playsets (Ron Salvatore)
oStar Wars is Forever: A Look Inside Kenner's Aborted Plans for 1985-'86 (Lisa Stevens & Vic Wertz)
oThe Woman's Day Outer-Space Station (Ron Salvatore)
oStar Wars Celebrity Yearbooks (Gus Lopez)
oThe Bobacabana (Gus Lopez and Pam Green)
oStar Wars Gold and Platinum Record Awards (Gus Lopez)
oUnproduced Droids and Ewoks (Gus Lopez)
oBritish Print Ads (Chris Harper & Ron Salvatore)
oRecycled Kenner Star Wars Toys (Ron Salvatore)
oPreliminary Coin Art Gallery (James Gallo & Ron Salvatore)
oGuide to Catalog-Order Figure Packs (Ron Salvatore)
oStar Wars Does New York: Kenner Toy Fair Showrooms of the '70s and '80s (Ron Salvatore)
oStar Wars Kitsch: How Trends of the 70's Influenced Star Wars Merchandising (Pete Vilmur)
oA Coin is Born: Kenner's POTF Coins, from Concept to Mass Production (Ron Salvatore)
oThe Power of the Force Proof Card Checklist (Gus Lopez)
oCsillagok Haboruja: The Hungarian Carded Figure Checklist (Ron Salvatore)
oEmpire Strikes Back Large Action Figure Boxes (Gus Lopez)
oThe Timeless Meets the Obsolete: Star Wars on 8-Track (Pete Vilmur)
oRevenge of the Jedi Proof Card Checklist (Chris Georgoulias)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Vintage Kenner Action Figure Card Backs (Dan Flarida)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Vintage Kenner Mail-Away Offers (John Wooten and Ron Salvatore)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Cast and Crew Items (Gus Lopez)
oSWCA Poster Gallery (Pete Vilmur)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Micro Collection Figures (Rob Amantea and Ron Salvatore)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Uzay Carded Figures (Joseph Yglesias)
oEnd of an Era: Richard Cox Looks at Kenner's Vintage POTF Line (Richard Cox)
oStephane Faucourt's Gallery of Meccano Advertisements (Stephane Faucourt)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Kenner POTF, Droids and Ewoks Coins (Gus Lopez)
oThe Comprehensive Guide to Kenner Store Displays (Ron Salvatore)
oThe Comprehensive Star Wars Cereal Box Checklist (Gus Lopez)
oArticle on Unproduced Micro Collection Figures (Rob Amantea)
oArticle on Collecting Prototypes (Gus Lopez)

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