Collected in this gallery are numerous print advertisements for British Star Wars products. The majority were issued by British toy licensee Palitoy while the others pertain to a variety of products related in some way to Star Wars.

There is a tendency among collectors to dismiss such items as print ads; they are typically viewed as disposable, or as banal sidebars to the true hobby superstars-- the products themselves. But I see them in a different light. To me, they are some of the most colorful and nostalgic items to come out of pop culture's long and influencial relationship with Star Wars. And the reality that they were usually thrown away, forgotten, or both, makes them all the more interesting today, to the 21st century collector. Moreover, to non-British collectors, these ads provide an interesting look into how Star Wars was perceived and merchandized in a foreign country.

The majority of these ads were collected and submitted to us by British collector Chris Harper, who runs an excellent vintage Star Wars site called

Collectors Henrik Berndt and John Wooten also helped out by contributing some ad images. All the descriptions were written by Ron Salvatore. If you enjoy these images, be sure to also check out our similar gallery of French Meccano ads, compiled by Stephane Faucourt.


Palitoy Toy Advertisements

Palitoy ad for first 12 figures

Palitoy ad for first early toys

Contest for original 12 figures

Palitoy ad for 20-back figures

Palitoy ad for SW playsets

Palitoy late '70s contest

Palitoy ad for Darth Vader case

Contest for Palitoy Landspeeder

Palitoy Dengar Ad

Palitoy Rancor Keeper flyer

Palitoy Emperor flyer

Palitoy Chewie bandolier flyer

Palitoy art contest flyer

Palitoy ad for early toys


Miscellaneous British Ads and Flyers

ad for 8mm home movie

ad for figural bubble bath

 model kit contest ad

 ad for knock-off Force Beam saber

ad for collectors magazine

ad for collectors magazine

 keychain ad

 fanclub ad

digital watch ad

digital watch ad

 digital watch ad

 David Prowse as Green Cross Man

 Movie Contest

 Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

digital watch ad

digital watch ad

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