Palitoy Ad for Star Wars Playsets

This ad promotes the three playsets issued by Palitoy for their original Star Wars line: the Droid Factory, Cantina and Land of the Jawas. All three of these toys were quite different from their American counterparts, and it's interesting to see their differences expressed in these drawn representations.

I also love how C-3PO is shown describing these toys. Of the Cantina playset he says: "It's so lifelike it reminds me of the scene in the film!" And then he blathers about the Land of the Jawas coming with a "Jawa Sandcrawler-- just like the one that captured us in the film!" Yet it's obvious even in these crude drawings that these toys consist of little more than thin cardboard, plastic and rubber bands. As you'll gradually come to realize as you peruse this gallery, C-3PO and R2-D2 are about the most exaggeration-prone salesmen ever. They were like Lucasfilm's versions of the late-night infommercial host.

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