Chris Harper

My name is Chris Harper, I live in the UK (Southampton to be precise) and I am a Research and Development scientist.

When I was 5 years old I bought my first action figure (See Threepio) from an old toy shop in Scotland where I was born - he is the pride of my collection (sure I've got a lot of things "worth" more but he has memories). It has been my mission since then to collect every different Star Wars variation.

In 1995 I started the Action Figure Variations List and rapidly completed my standard loose figure collection through everyone on rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting (now .vintage).

My first site was really just a web page with the list on it (located at Bath University). The site grew as the collecting bug hit the web (with rumours of the Special Editions and new films) and I expanded it rapidly with many images. The site is currently located at It covers action figures, catalogues, instruction sheets, vehicles and backing cards.

Finally, what is on is the stuff I collect. The hobby as I see it has changed a lot over the years, initially I was buying with my pocket money, now with my salary, and I am prepared to pay the price I need to to get the piece I desire =). If you have anything I might be interested in please contact me - I pay top dollar prices. I am also looking to talk with anyone who used to work at any Palitoy, Kenner, TopToys, TolToys, Mecanno, Lili Ledy factory or site. Specifically, I am looking to buy any prototype paperwork (other than proof cards).

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