A Look Inside Kenner's Star Wars Plans for 1985 & 1986

This Special Feature is a virtual flip-through of a very special presentation binder. The binder was acquired from a Hasbro employee who worked on Kenner's Star Wars line during the 1980s. He was part of the team that was tasked with coming up with a way to extend the longevity of one of the most successful toy lines in history. There is a great article about this line extension by Steve Sansweet in Topps' Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine, Issue 2, Winter 1995. It is obvious from reading the article that Steve, or somebody he was interviewing for the article, had access to a presentation binder like the one shown here. Steve even mentions in the article the existence of these presentation binders and the chance that somebody might come up with one someday.

The binder itself is an ordinary black 3-ring binder, with pockets on the inside covers. The first four pages, and some of the larger single pages, were placed in the pockets. The rest of the pages are in sheet protectors. The binder was given out during a presentation to Lucasfilm. This binder provides us with a great view of what Kenner would have had in store for Star Wars fans in 1985 and 1986 if Lucasfilm had approved their plans.

The pages for the X-Wing and Tandem X-Wing are missing from this copy. The X-Wing would have been the same old X-Wing that Kenner had been selling since 1978. The Tandem X-Wing can be seen in the Galaxy Collector magazine article, or in the hardcover version of the Second Edition of Tomart's Priceguide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles.

This binder and all the pages included in it are from the collection of Lisa Stevens and Vic Wertz, the authors of this Special Feature.

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