If there is any category of collectible that encapsulates the Star Wars experience--anything that can recall the comicbook flash, kinetic fun and unabashed romanticism that has always been synonomous with the film series--its posters. Like Gone with the Wind, King Kong, Lawrence of Arabia, or any other film classic, Star Wars has its share of epic on-screen imagery; but when it comes to printed imagery--from advertising vehicles, to merchandising tie-ins, to commercial pin-up products--Star Wars is the undisputable king: no other film has had more imagery associated with it, nor had more images created specifically for it, than Star Wars.
Given the sheer enormity of the subject, Star Wars posters are a daunting topic for any website to tackle. For it would be virtually impossible to cover all of the thousands of posters that have been--and are still being--produced bearing some connection to the Star Wars saga. But thankfully, collector Pete Vilmur has stepped in and aided us in putting together a gallery that, if not comprehensively, at least adaquately represents this varied and beautiful field of collectibles.

You'll find that this gallery is broken up into six portions: theater-release and commemorative posters issued for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi; point-of-sale posters used for the purpose of advertising; mass-market and premium posters, or those produced specifically for the retail marketplace; and, lastly, those posters produced in conjunction with an event or series of events, which were in some way connected to the Star Wars universe. For the sake of simplicity, the few posters issued to advertise both the made-for-television Ewoks productions, and the 1999 release of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, are grouped along with the "Event" posters at the bottom of that section's chart. There is a considerable amount of overlap among these various categories, and some pieces might be accurately placed in two or even three different galleries. We have attempted to place them in the galleries in which we feel they will be best represented.

In order to provide an overview of the Star Wars poster-collecting hobby, Pete has also contributed an article covering its many aspects, from acquisition to preservation to forgeries. Looking over the article should prove helpful, particularly to the collector who's just beginning to look for posters and wants to familiarize himself with the hobby.

As I've stated, this gallery is far from complete. If you have the ability to add to it, please email me, Ron Salvatore, and let me know what you have to contribute. We are particularly looking for both foreign and domestic theater release posters, which are not already represented in the below galleries.

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