Special Feature Submission Guidelines

The Star Wars Collector's Archive Special Feature is a section of the site that allows for collectors with specialized interests or expertise to contribute to the Archive in a way that is more extensive than the image contributions that the site has traditionally been built upon. These contributions may take many forms. They might be in the form of charts or guides covering a specific collecting arena (theatrical posters, for instance, or cereal boxes), or even of comprehensive articles examining an area that a given collector has a special interest in. These are merely suggestions, however; the doors are wide open, and we're certainly open to suggestions.

Collectors are encouraged to present ideas to the SWCA editors for possible inclusion on the site as a Special Feature. If you have an idea, you are certainly free to ask our approval and then go ahead and develop it. You may also present pre-existing, specialized web sites or articles for consideration. Once included on the Archive, your work will remain linked off of the Special Feature section, as well as the appropriate SWCA gallery (Miscellaneous, U.S. Carded Action Figures, etc.). We are aiming to debut a new Special Feature every month or so, but this is by no means implies a strict schedule on our part.

I would like to stress that Special Feature authors should be both experienced and knowledgeable in their respective areas. Knowledge of HTML and/or experience in web design is not a requirement, however, and the SWCA editors can certainly take care of this for you if you have a worthwhile contribution to make. Special Features should be both specialized and to the point, meaning that the area you choose to examine should be something manageable, or even extremely limited in what it encompasses. Some suggestions include (hint: these are areas the Archive is lacking in!)

You get the point--the possibilities are endless. What we're looking for here is something both digestable and meaningful. While most of the work on the SWCA is done by a small group of "editors," the site really could not exist without the collectors all over the world who have contributed in small and large ways to its development over the last half decade. So, get to it! This is your chance to make a mark, to show off your expertise, and to publicize what you love about collecting.

Questions, submissions and suggestions should be directed to Ron at the below address.

Ron Salvatore (salfamily@aol.com)

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