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Prototypes / Action Figure Related
Ewoks Cartoon
___ Preliminary Wax Sculpting for Unproduced Ewoks Latara Action Figure
___ Preliminary Wax Sculpting for Unproduced Ewoks Princess Kneesaa Action Figure
___ Preliminary Wax Sculpting for Unproduced Ewoks Teebo Action Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Ewoks Chief Chirpa
___ Wax Sculpts for Bondo, Chituhr, and Dulok Scout Figure Heads
___ Weechee Painted First Shot
___ Weechee Painted Hardcopy
___ Weechee Unpainted First Shot
___ Wicket Conceptual Mock-Up
___ Wicket Conceptual One-Piece Hardcopy
___ Wicket Torso Unpainted First Shot
Power of the Force
___ Collectors Series 12" Leia Slave Doll, with Unproduced Head
___ Han Hoth Collectors Series Prototype
___ POTF2 Collectors Sereis 12 inch Han Hoth Prototype
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12 inch Tauntaun First Shot
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12 inch TIE Pilot Prototype
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12 inch Wampa First Shot
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12-inch Han in Carbonite Original Wax Sculpting
___ POTF2 Collectors Series Yoda First Shot
___ POTF2 Han Carbonite Early Product Sample
___ A-wing Pilot Figure Pre-Production Series
___ A-wing Pilot Hardcopy Paintmaster
___ A-Wing Pilot Painted First Shot
___ A-Wing Test Shot
___ Amanaman Action Figure Plastic Swatches
___ Amanaman Blue Harvest Unpainted Hardcopy
___ Amanaman Figure Unpainted Hardcopy
___ Anakin Skywalker First Shot
___ Anakin Skywalker Painted Hardcopy
___ Anakin Skywalker POTF Carded Sample
___ Barada Action Figure Painted Hardcopy
___ Barada Bagged Production Sample
___ Barada Plastic Master
___ Carded POTF B-Wing Pilot Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Boba Fett Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Bossk Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Cloud Car Pilot Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF FX-7 Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Greedo Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Lando Calrissian Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Lando Skiff Guard Disguise Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Prune Face Photo Sample
___ EV-9D9 2-up Painted Hardcopy
___ EV-9D9 Blue Harvest 2-up Hardcopy
___ EV-9D9 Paint Master
___ EV-9D9 Painted First Shot
___ Han Carbonite Block Early Sculpting & Mold
___ Han Carbonite Block Silicone Mold
___ Imperial Gunner Internal First Shot
___ Imperial Gunner Unpainted First Shot
___ Luke Poncho Carded Sample
___ Luke Skywalker Battle Poncho Protomolded Figure
___ Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise Hardcopy Paint Master
___ Luke Stormtrooper Disguise Painted Harcopy Helmet
___ Luke Stormtrooper POTF Carded Sample
___ Luke Stormtrooper Unpainted First Shot
___ Painted Romba Hardcopy
___ Patrol Dewback (1997) First Shot
___ Photograph of Prototypes of Power of the Force Figures
___ Photographs of Prototypes of Body Rigs
___ POTF Painted Hardcopies Grouping
___ POTF2 Bith Band Member First Shot
___ POTF2 Boba Fett Test Shot from the 2-pack
___ POTF2 C-3PO Mold Test Case
___ POTF2 C-3PO Talking Electronic Case Toy Fair Prototype
___ POTF2 First Shots
___ POTF2 Grand Moff Tarkin First Shot
___ POTF2 IG-88 Test Shot from the 2-pack
___ POTF2 Stormtrooper and Snowtrooper First Shots
___ POTF2 Swoop Bike Production Sample
___ POTF2 Swoop Rider Production Sample
___ POTF2 Wax Sculpting for Collectors Series 12 inch Boba Fett Head
___ POTF2 Wax Sculpting for Collectors Series 12 inch Wampa Hand
___ POTF2 Yak Face First Shot
___ Power of the Force Ben Kenobi Carded Carded Sample
___ Power of the Force Greedo Cromalin
___ Princess Leia Combat Poncho POTF Carded Sample
___ R2-D2 with Pop Up Saber Carded Sample
___ Romba Painted First Shot (Dark Colored)
___ Romba Prototypes
___ Sample Carded Chief Chirpa on POTF card
___ Sample Carded Imperial Dignitary on ROTJ 8D8 Cardback
___ Sample Carded R2-D2 Pop-Up Lightsaber on ROTJ Rebel Commando Cardback
___ Sand Skimmer and Imperial Sniper Production Samples
___ Swoop Rider Test Shot
___ Tatooine Skiff Photosample
___ Wax Sculpt for Amanaman Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for EV-9D9 Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Han Carbonite Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Romba Figure
___ Wax Sculpts for Luke Stormtrooper and Luke Jedi Action Figure Heads
___ Yak Face Hardcopy Paint Master
___ Yak Face Painted First Shot
___ Yak Face Toy Fair Display Painted Hardcopy Figure
___ Yak Face Unpainted First Shot Head and Arms
___ Yak Face Weapon Bagged Production Samples
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Ellorrs Madak Unpainted Hardcopy
___ POTF2 Bossk Unpainted First Shot
___ Power of the Jedi 12 Inch Bossk Hand Painted First Shot
___ M.A.S.K. scale Darth Vader figure conceptual mock-up
___ M.A.S.K. scale Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot figure conceptual mock-up
Shadows of the Empire
___ Dash Rendar's Outrider Test Shots
Star Wars Special Editions
___ Carded Spirit of Obi-Wan
Phantom Menace
___ Episode I Sebulba unpainted first shot
___ Jar Jar Figure Wax Sculpt
___ Watto Unpainted First Shot
Books / Activity and Coloring
A New Hope
___ McCall's Star Ways Iron-Ons Vol. 7 Book
 Random House
___ Chewbacca's Activity Book
___ Chewbacca's Activity Book (Printer's Proof)
___ Darth Vader's Activity Book
___ Darth Vader's Activity Book (Printer's Proof)
___ Luke Skywalker's Activity Book
___ R2-D2 Activity Book ($1.95 Price On Back)
___ R2-D2 Activity Book (Scholastic Book Services On Back)
___ R2-D2's Activity Book (Printer's Proof)
___ SW Iron-On Transfer Book
___ SW Punch-Out & Make It Book
Empire Strikes Back
___ Darth Vader Flanked by Stormtroopers Coloring Book
___ Heroes at Bespin Banquet Coloring Book
___ Luke Skywalker in Bespin Doorway Coloring Book
___ Princess Leia & Chewbacca on Bespin Coloring Book
___ R2-D2 Coloring Book
___ Yoda Coloring Book
 Random House
___ ESB Punch Out & Make It
___ Yoda Activity Book
Return of the Jedi
___ Lando Calrissian vs Nikto Coloring Book
___ Luke Skywalker Coloring Book
___ Rebo Band Coloring Book
___ Dental Health Adventure Book
 Random House
___ Book of Masks
___ Dot-to-Dot Fun
___ How to Draw Star Wars
___ Mazes
___ Monster Activity Book
___ Picture Puzzle
___ ROTJ Punch-Out & Make-It
___ SW Word Puzzles
___ Things to Do and Make
___ Word Puzzle
Droids Cartoon
___ Unproduced Droids Coloring Book
Ewoks Cartoon
 Happy House
___ Ewoks Winter Fun Dot-to-Dot
___ Ewoks Coloring Book
Wicket the Ewok
___ Wicket on Vine Coloring Book
___ Wicket's World Coloring Book
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 Dalmation Press
___ SW Book To Color With Stickers (Darth Vader Cover) $2.67 cover price
___ SW Book To Color With Stickers (R2-D2/C-3PO Cover) $2.57 cover price
___ SW Book To Color With Stickers (R2-D2/C-3PO Cover) $2.67 cover price
 Doring Kindersly
___ SW Ultimate Sticker Book
___ SW Ultimate Sticker Book 2nd Edition
 Fun Works
___ Millennium Falcon Punch-Out Book
 Golden Books
___ A Galaxy of Creatures, Characters, & Droids Coloring Book
___ Galactic Adventures
___ Galactic Search: Royal Rescue
___ Heroes & Villains
___ Jedi Pack
___ Join the Jedi Coloring Book
___ Rebel Alliance vs Imperial Forces
___ SW Mark & See Magic
___ SW Posters to Color
___ SW Tell-a-Story Sticker Book
___ SW: An Ewok Adventure--Comics to Color
___ SW: ANH Sticker Fun
___ Training of a Jedi Knight
Phantom Menace
 Doring Kindersly
___ Episode 1 Ultimate Sticker Book
 Random House
___ Amidala Paper Doll Book
___ Anakin's Adventures to Color (Generic UPC)
___ Anakin's Adventures to Color (Target UPC)
___ Battles To Color (Qui-Gon) (K-Mart UPC)
___ Droids and Creatures To Color Coloring Book (C-3PO)
___ Episode 1 Posters to Color (No Price on UPC Back, Inside Cover Shows Other Books)
___ Episode 1 Posters to Color (Price on UPC Back, Inside Cover Blank with UPC)
___ Galactic Puzzles & Games (Target UPC)
___ Giant Coloring Fun
___ Heroes & Villains Coloring Fun (Amidala) (K-Mart UPC)
___ Jar Jar's Coloring Fun (Target UPC)
___ Jedi Knights and Heroes Super Coloring Time Coloring Book
___ Jedi Punch-outs Book
___ Lightsaber Marker Activity Book (Blue Marker)
___ Lightsaber Marker Activity Book (Green Marker)
___ Lightsaber Marker Activity Book (Red Marker)
___ Mask Punch-out Book
___ Micro Vehicle Punch-out Book (Generic UPC)
___ Podracer Punch-outs Book (Generic UPC)
___ Podracer! Super Coloring Time Coloring Book
___ Queen Amidala Super Coloring Time Coloring Book
___ The Phantom Menace Super Coloring Time Coloring Book
Attack of the Clones
 Random House
___ Anakin And Amidala Coloring Book
___ AOTC Big Sticker Book
___ AOTC Movie Scenes To Color
___ AOTC Trivia Challenge
___ Heroes And Villains Coloring Book
___ Jedi Activity Book With Fabric Patch
___ Jedi Training & Trials Quiz Book (Blue Lightsaber Pen)
___ Jedi Training & Trials Quiz Book (Green Lightsaber Pen)
___ Jedi Training & Trials Quiz Book (Purple Lightsaber Pen)
___ Jedi Training & Trials Quiz Book (Red Lightsaber Pen)
___ Padme Amidala Paper Doll Book
___ Ship Schematics Punch-out Book
Clone Wars
 Doring Kindersly
___ Clone Wars Ultimate Sticker Book
Revenge of the Sith
 Creative Edge LLC
___ Empire Begins Giant Book to Color
___ Jedi Masters Giant Book to Color
 Dalmation Press
___ Balance of the Force Coloring Book 'Your Price $2.65'
___ Balance of the Force Coloring Book ($2.57 Cover)
___ Empire Begins Super Book to Color ($1.00 cover)
___ Enemy of the Republic Coloring Book
___ Feel the Force Gigantic Book to Color ($1.00 cover)
___ Friends of the Force Coloring Book (Darth Vader Cover with '400 pages' at top)
___ Friends of the Force Coloring Book (Darth Vader Cover without '400 pages' at top)
___ Friends of the Force Coloring Book (Yoda Cover)
___ Fun Pack
___ Jedi Masters Super Book to Color ($1.00 cover)
___ Libro Para Colorear (Yoda Cover Coloring Book)
___ Mini Sticker Book To Color With Activities (Darth Vader)
___ Mini Sticker Book To Color With Activities (Yoda)
___ Power Of The Empire Coloring/Activity Book ('Your Price $4.97')
___ ROTS Giant Fun Pack Of Books
___ SW Bright Idea To Color ('Suggested Retail Price $4.49')
 Doring Kindersly
___ ROTS Ultimate Sticker Book
 Random House
___ ROTS Big Sticker Book
Posters / Advertising
A New Hope
 20th Century Fox
___ 20th Century Fox "26 for 76" Campaign
 20th Century Fox Records
___ Darth Vader Mylar Poster (Soundtrack Promo)
___ Story of SW Poster
 American Marketing Association
___ San Diego American Marketing Association Poster
 Bell & Howell
___ Bell & Howell Projector Promo Poster
 Braun's Town Talk Bread
___ SW Trading Cards Premium Display Poster
___ Broderbund Video Game Cartridge Poster
 Burger Chef
___ Burger Chef Fun Meal Promo Poster
___ Burger Chef Fun Meal Promo Poster
 Casablanca Records
___ SW & Other Galactic Funk Album Cover Art Poster
___ 7-Eleven SW Tumblers (Set Of 8) Display Poster
___ Darth Vader Tumbler 'Snow Biz' Display Poster
___ Koolee SW Tumblers (Set Of 20) Display Poster
___ SW Cups Display Poster (Luke At Gun Turret)
___ SW Cups Mr. Pibb/Coke X-Wing Photo Display Poster
 Del Rey/Ballantine
___ Splinter of the Mind's Eye Display Poster
 Don Post
___ Men Of A Thousand Faces Poster
___ SW Masks from Don Post Poster
 Drawing Board
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO (The Force Is With Us) Poster
___ Estes 'Flying Model Rockets' TIE Fighter vs X-Wing Poster
___ Estes Proton Torpedo Store Poster
___ Jewelry On Sale Here
 Fox Home Entertainment
___ SW 'A' Video Poster
___ SW Here on Videocassette Poster Banner
___ SW Here on Videodisc Poster Banner
___ SW on Videocassette and Videodisc Poster Banner
___ Duel at Death Star Display Poster
 General Mills
___ Cheerios Poster Offer Poster
___ SW on HBO Poster (R2-D2 & C-3PO in Blockade Runner)
 King Seeley Thermos
___ Lunch Box Display Poster
___ KMET Presents Music from Outer Space
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ SW Alvin R2-D2/C-3PO Concert Poster
___ SW Radio Drama Poster
 Pendulum Press
___ Remedial Reading Multi-media School Kit Poster
___ Take Home SW Free Videodisc Poster
___ Take Home SW Free Videodisc Poster
 San Diego Comicon
___ 1977 Comic-Con Poster with Star Wars Snipe
 Supersnipe Gallery
___ B&W Window Poster For McQuarrie/Johnston Exhibit
___ Thermos lunch box poster, X-Wing image
___ Blue & White Hildebrandt Art Window Card (It's Here)
 US Dept of Health, Ed, Welfare
___ Immunization Poster Version 1 (Do Your Records Show It...)
___ Immunization Poster Version 2 (Make Sure...Call Your Doctor)
 Vymura/Imperial Chemicals LTD
___ Wallpaper Display Poster (SW 'C' Art)
 Waldorf School Benefit Productions
___ Marin Laser Concert Poster
Empire Strikes Back
 American Can Co.
___ Star Wars/ESB Dixie Cups Display Sign Strip
 B Dalton Books
___ Darth Vader Sketch Promo Poster
 Cincinnati Pops/Kenner
___ John Williams SW Festival Poster
___ R2-D2 Coke COBOT Appearance Poster
 Del Rey/Ballantine
___ McQuarrie Cloud City Books & Calendar Display Poster
 Drawing Board
___ Drawing Board ESB 'A' Art Display Poster
___ The Saga Of SW Continues With ESB Display Poster
 Fox Home Entertainment
___ Coming Soon ESB Logo Video Poster
___ Darth Vader Pink Background ESB Video Poster
___ Don't Be Struck Empireless ESB Video Poster
___ ESB Video Poster (ESB Re-release Art)
___ ESB Video Poster (ESB Re-release Art)
___ ESB Scale Model Kits By MPC Display Poster
___ ESB Radio Drama B&W Celia Strain Yoda Art
___ ESB Radio Drama Color McQuarrie Yoda Poster
 Parker Bros.
___ Atari ESB Game Display Poster
 RSO Records
___ Christmas in the Stars Display Poster
___ ESB Soundtrack Display Poster
___ ESB Soundtrack Display Poster
___ ESB Soundtrack Double Album with Booklet Red Background Display Poster
___ Four Record Store Display Poster
___ Unlicensed Yoda Mardi Gras Poster:
Return of the Jedi
 Airborne Express
___ Express Wars '83 Poster
 American Library Association
___ Yoda 'Read' Poster
___ Star Wars Arcade Game Display Poster
 Buena Vista
___ SW Records Display Poster
___ SW Records Display Poster
 Burger King
___ Burger King ROTJ Movie Promotion Poster
___ ROTJ Drinking Glasses Banner
___ Free Collector Pitcher Theater Display Poster
___ Kenner Coca-Cola Poster
 Comic Spotlight
___ Comic Spotlight ROTJ Montage Poster
 Creation Conventions
___ 1983 Convention Poster
 Del Rey/Ballantine
___ Art of ROTJ Trade Paperback Display Poster
___ ROTJ 'A' Art Book Display Poster
 Drawing Board
___ The Excitement Starts Here Display Poster
 Fox Home Entertainment
___ 'Coming Soon' ROTJ Logo Video Poster

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