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Press Kits and Books / Press Kits
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 Disney Records
___ SW Trilogy Read-Alongs Press Kit (Mickey Mouse Folder)
 Fox Home Entertainment
___ 1995 SW Trilogy THX Video Rerelease Press Kit
___ 2004 SW Trilogy On DVD Press Kit
___ 2006 Original Version DVD Release Press Kit
 Highbridge Audio
___ NPR Star Wars The Radio Drama on Cassette & CD Press Kit
___ Special Effects Press Kit
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ SW 10th Anniversary Press Kit
___ SW International Poster Art Folder
 Official SW Fan Club
___ SW Celebration 2 Press Kit
 Sci-Fi Channel
___ Han Solo & Chewbacca B&W 8x10in Photo with Press Info at Bottom
___ Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia B&W 8x10in Photo with Press Info at Bottom
 Walt Disney
___ Star Tours Disney World Press Kit
Star Wars Special Editions
 20th Century Fox
___ Fox 97 Winter/Spring Preview Press Kit
___ ROTJSE Cover Press Kit 'New Date March 14, 1997'
___ SW-SE-1 Heroes B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-2 C-3PO, R2-D2, & Darth Vader B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-3 Heroes Over Millennium Falcon Cockpit B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-4 Luke Skywalker & Yoda Over Han Solo & Chewbacca B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-5 Jabba the Hutt Over Lightsaber Duel B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-6 Han Solo & Jabba the Hutt B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-7 C-3PO & R2-D2 Before & After B&W Movie Still
___ SW-SE-8 AT-AT & Sail Barge B&W Movie Still
___ TSE Audio/Visual Press Kit
___ TSE Ingot Cover Press Kit
 RCA Victor
___ TSE Soundtrack CDs Press Kit
Phantom Menace
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ Episode 1 DVD Release Press Kit
___ Episode 1 Press Kit Folder, Black on Black 'Episode I'
___ Episode 1 Press Kit Folder, Black, 'Every Journey Has A First Step' & SW Logo
___ Episode 1 Press Kit Folder, Copper, 'Every Saga Has A Beginning'
___ Episode 1 Press Kit Folder, Metallic Blue, 'Every Generation Has A Legend' & SW logo
___ SW1-130/1bw & SW1-305/1bw George Lucas & Rick McCallum B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-144/15bw & SW1-156/32bw Anakin Skywakler & Shmi B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-166/4Abw & SW1-142/19bw Qui-Gon, Anakin, & Obi-Wan B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-17/14Abw & SW1-142/11bw Queen Amidala & Jar Jar Filming B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-181/25Abw Qui-Gon, Anakin, & Obi-Wan B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-253/33bw & SW1-178/21bw Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon B&W Movie Still
___ SW1-262/24bw & SW1-104/15bw Darth Maul & Queen Amidala B&W Movie Still
Attack of the Clones
 20th Century Fox
___ AOTC Press Kit (Poster Art Folder)
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ Episode II Press Kit Folder
Revenge of the Sith
 20th Century Fox
___ ROTS DVD Press Kit
___ ROTS Press Kit
Prototypes / Product Artwork
A New Hope
___ Original Art for Coca-Cola Tumbler Premiums
___ 12-Back Artwork
___ Composite Painting for Die-Cast Falcon
___ Composite Painting for Die-Cast Imperial Cruiser "Special Offer" Backdrop
___ Dip Dots Artwork
___ Greedo Action Figure Blister Card Original Photo Art
___ Large Size C-3PO Acetate Sculpting
___ Millennium Falcon Wooden Pattern
___ Original Artwork for Give A Show Slides
___ Original Artwork for Unproduced Sonic Land Speeder Sticker Sheet
___ Original Artwork for Unused Kenner Paint Set Images
___ Original Artwork Series for Sonic Land Speeder R2-D2 Clicker
___ Photoart for Stormtrooper Cardback Image
___ Photoart for Walrus Man Action Figure Blister Card
___ Radio Controlled Sandcrawler Wooden Pattern
___ Sonic Controlled Landspeeder Engineer Drawing
___ Star Wars Inflatable Light Saber Photo Artwork
___ Telescoping Luke and X-Wing Artwork from the 12-back Card
___ The Force Light Saber Photo Artwork
___ TIE Fighter and Landspeeder Artwork from the 12-back Card
___ Unproduced Snowrider Concept Art and Mock-up
___ Unused Artwork for 12 Figure Action Display Stand
___ Wood Pattern for 12
___ Wood Pattern for 12" Ben/Luke Saber
___ Wood Pattern for Back End of X-Wing Fighter Fuselage
___ Wood Pattern for Star Wars Laser Pistol
___ Wooden Pattern for Belt to 12" Luke Figure
___ Wooden Pattern for the Death Star Playset Gun
___ Wooden Pattern for Wing to Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
___ X-Wing Fighter Wood Pattern
Empire Strikes Back
___ 1981 Toy Fair Catalog Figure Spread Photo Art
___ Blueprint Showing AT-AT Top
___ ESB Storage Case Artwork
___ IG-88 Doll Acetate Sculpting
___ Original Artwork for Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set
___ Original Wax Sculpt for Bossk Action Figure
___ Original Wax Sculpting and Prototypes for Bespin Princess Leia Action Figue
___ Photoart for Glasslite Battle-Damaged X-Wing Box
___ Photoart for MLC-3 Box
___ Radar Laser Cannon Photoart
___ Transparency for Kenner ESB catalog
___ Tri-Pod Laser Cannon Photoart
___ Unproduced Kenner Asteroid Field Electronic Game Original Art
___ Unproduced Kenner Yoda Electronic Game Original Art
___ Wax Sculpt for Head of Talking Yoda Doll
___ Wooden Pattern for Slave 1
Return of the Jedi
___ Original Artwork for Glasslite TIE Interceptor Box
___ B-Wing Fighter Wood Pattern
___ Original Art for Jabba the Hutt Play-Doh Set
___ Original Wax Sculpting for Nien Nunb Action Figure
___ Photo Art for Lobot Action Figure Trilogo Blister Card
___ Photoart for Jabba the Hutt Box
___ Photoart for the Ewok Attack Glider
___ Pre-Production Material Related to Speeder Bike Ride-On Toy Promotion
___ Ree Yees Action Figure Blister Card Photoart for
___ ROTJ AST-5 Mini-rig Decal Artwork
___ Technical Rendering of Biker Scout Laser Pistol
___ Technical Rendering of Klaatu Skiff Guard Weapon
___ Unused Artwork for ROTJ Toys
___ Wax Sculpt for Salacious Crumb Figure
___ Wooden Pattern for Y-Wing Fighter
___ Y-Wing Engineering Drawing
___ Y-Wing Sticker Original Artwork
Droids Cartoon
___ Original Artwork for Glasslite Droids Side Gunner Box
___ A-Wing Fighter Box Artwork
___ A-Wing Fighter Box Artwork
___ A-Wing Fighter Box Galaxy Card #198
___ A-Wing Vehicle Decal Artwork
___ Artwork for Droids Vlix Blister Card
___ ATL Interceptor Artwork
___ ATL Interceptor Original Art
___ Droids A-Wing Pilot Original Artwork
___ Droids Boba Fett Artwork
___ Droids C-3PO Case Photo Artwork
___ Droids Governor Koong and Admiral Screed Card Artwork
___ Droids Jessica Meade and Gaff Card Artwork
___ Droids Mon Julpa and Vlix Card Artwork
___ Droids Mungo Baobab and Kleb Zellock Card Artwork
___ Droids Skiff Artwork
___ Original Artwork for Sise Fromm Blister Card
___ Original Wax Sculpt for Gaff Action Figure
___ Original Wax Sculptings for Kea Moll Action Figure
___ Side Gunner Original Art
___ Vlix Action Figure Card Artwork
___ Wood Pattern for Unproduced Jessica Meade Companion Droid
___ Wood Pattern for Unproduced Kez Iban Companion Droid
Ewoks Cartoon
___ Ewoks Chief Chirpa and Weechee Card Artwork
___ Ewoks Chituhr and Paploo Card Artwork
___ Ewoks Dulok Shaman Original Artwork
___ Ewoks Logo Original Art
___ Ewoks Morag and Bondo Card Artwork
___ Original Wax Sculpt for Bondo Action Figure
___ Pre-school Store Display Artwork
Power of the Force
___ Boba Fett POTF Coin Art
___ Original Art for Imperial Sniper Blister Card
___ Original Artwork for Kenner Power of the Force Logo
___ Original Wax Sculpts for Elements of Imperial Gunner Action Figure
___ POTF Mini-Rig Art
___ POTF Storage Case Artwork
___ Tatooine Skiff Box Artwork
___ Unproduced Kenner AT-AT Electronic Game Original Art
___ Unused Artwork for the Ewok Battle Wagon
Prototypes / Product Concepts
A New Hope
 California Originals
___ Prototype California Originals Rumph Tankards Photo
___  Concept Sketch for 12-Back Blister Card
___  Kenner Spec Sheet - Puzzle Assortment (D)
___ 1977 Product List Including Unproduced Toys
___ 1979 Kenner Concept Binder Pages
___ 1979 Product Concept Binder Page 1 - Star Wars Bicycle Accessories
___ 1979 Product Concept Binder Page 2 - Star Wars Gumball Bank
___ 1979 Product Concept Binder Page 3 - Star Wars Pencil Sharpener
___ 1979 Product Concept Binder Page 4 - Star Wars Character Phone
___ Artwork for Mock-Up Landspeeder
___ Artwork for Mock-Up X-Wing Fighter
___ Bionic Chewbacca Catalog Photography
___ Boba Fett Visits Kenner - November 1978
___ Cantina Adventure Set Toy Concept
___ Chewbacca Doll
___ Concept Artwork for 3-Pack Backdrop - Mos Eisley
___ Concept Artwork for Unproduced Star Tots Figures
___ Concept Artwork for Unproduced Star Tots Toys
___ Concept Layout for 12-Back Blister Card
___ Concept Model for Kenner Han Solo Laser Pistol
___ Concept Sketch for 12-Back Blister Card
___ Concept Sketch for 12-Back Blister Card
___ Concept Sketch for 12-Back Blister Card Back
___ Conceptual Artwork for Cantina Playset (early version)
___ Conceptual Artwork for Imperial Troop Transporter
___ Conceptual Artwork for the Patrol Dewback (early version)
___ Conceptual Artwork for Unproduced Gyroscopic Lightsaber
___ Conceptual Artwork for Unproduced Leisure Outfit for Leia Doll
___ Conceptual Artwork for Unproduced R2-D2 Products
___ Conceptual Chewbacca Family Figures from SW Holiday Special
___ Conceptual Mock-Up for Die-Cast Imperial Cruiser Backdrop
___ Conceptual Model for Unproduced Mini-Rig
___ Conceptual Prototype of Highly Detailed 12
___ Conceptual Shadow Stormtrooper Figure
___ Conceptual Sketch of Boba Fett's Sea Serpent (SW Holidy Special)
___ Darth Vader Doll
___ Death Squad Commander and Rebel Soldier Concept Drawings
___ Diecast Vehicles Early Prototypes
___ Early Deathstar Droid Design
___ Early prototypes of second series figures
___ Electronic Sound Generator Concept Artwork
___ Han Solo Blaster Squirt Gun
___ Kenner Change Notice for One-Piece Lightsaber
___ Kenner Change Notice for Tusken Raider Gaffi Stick
___ Kenner Change Notice for Vinyl Cape Jawa
___ Kenner Concept Art for SSP Vans
___ Kenner Concept Diecast X-wing and TIE Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Han Solo Pistol Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Inflatable Lightsaber Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Landspeeder Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Luke Skywalker 12" Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Plush R2-D2 Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Princess Leia 12" Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept Remote R2-D2 Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept TIE Fighter Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Concept X-wing Mock-up Photo
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - 9 New Figures
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Action Figure Case
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Chewbacca Bop Bag
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Creature Cantina
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Darth Vader TIE Fighter (mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Destroy Death Star Game
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Diecast Series I
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Diecast Series II (early mock-ups)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Droid Factory (early design)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Imperial Troop Transporter (early mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Jawa Bop Bag (mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Land of the Jawas
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Large Size Boba Fett Action Figure
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Large Size C-3PO Action Figure
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Large Size Han Solo Action Figure (early mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Large Size R2-D2 Action Figure
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Large Size Stormtrooper Action Figure (mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Millenium Falcon (early mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Movie Cassettes (early mock-ups)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Patrol Dewback (early design)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Plush Jawa (U.S. version)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Puzzle Assortment (A)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Puzzle Assortment (B)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Puzzle Assortment (C)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Puzzle Assortment (E)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler (early mock-up)
___ Kenner Spec Sheet - The Adventures of R2-D2 Game
___ Large Size Boba Fett with Firing Rockets and Electronics (from Kenner File Photography)
___ Luke X-Wing Color Specification Sheet
___ Mock-Up C-3PO Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Chewbacca Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Darth Vader Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Han Solo Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Luke Skywalker Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Obi-Wan Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Princess Leia Action Figure
___ Mock-Up R2-D2 Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Star Wars Action Figures
___ Mock-Up Stormtrooper Action Figure
___ Mock-Up Tusken Raider, Jawa and Death Squad Commander Figures
___ Original Conceptual Model for Kenner's Landspeeder
___ Original Conceptual Model for Kenner's TIE Fighter
___ Original Conceptual Model for Kenner's X-Wing Fighter
___ Packaging Concepts for Electric Toothbrush
___ Presentation Artwork for 12 inch Boba Fett Figure
___ Presentation Artwork for 12 inch C-3PO Figure
___ Presentation Artwork for 12 inch Darth Vader
___ Presentation Artwork for 12 inch Han Solo Figure
___ Silk-Screened Prototype for Action Display Stand Sticker
___ Silk-Screened Prototype for R5-D4 Sticker
___ Unproduced C-3PO Walkie Talkies
___ Unproduced Jawa Puzzle Mock-Up
___ Unproduced Obi-Wan Puzzle Mock-Up
___ Unproduced R2-D2 Puzzle Mock-Up
___ Unproduced Yellow Stormtrooper Figure
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Record Promotion Marketing Plan
___ Kit-Bashed 12 Inch Luke and Leia Prototypes from French Advertising
___ Kit-Bashed Figure Prototypes from French Advertising
Empire Strikes Back
___  Princess Leia in Bespin Gown Unproduced Doll Prototype (Early Version)
___ AT-AT Conceptual Painting
___ Bespin Torture Chamber Product Sheet
___ Blueprint Showing AT-AT Head
___ Cloud City Toy Concept
___ Concept Art for AT-AT Vehicle
___ Concept Art for Darth Vader's Star Destroyer
___ Concept Art for Unproduced Lando Doll
___ Concept Art for Unproduced Leia Bespin Doll
___ Concept Artwork for Micro Collection Millennium Falcon Figures
___ Concept Artwork for Unproduced SRV-1 Vehicle
___ Concept Model for Dagobah Playset
___ Concept Model for Imperial Attack Base Playset
___ Concept Model of Unproduced Hoth Vehicle
___ Conceptual Artwork for Kenner Switcheroos
___ Conceptual Artwork for Switcheroos, Including Unproduced Stormtrooper
___ Conceptual Artwork for Unproduced Luke Bespin Doll
___ Conceptual Mock-Up for 3-Pack Backdrop - Rebel Control Room
___ Conceptual Model of Kenner Snowspeeder
___ Conceptual Yoda Hand Puppet
___ Droid Factory 2nd Version Conceptual Mock-Up
___ Empire Strikes Back Kenner Action Figure Articulator Concept
___ Line Art Rendering of Survival Kit Backpacks
___ Line Art Rendering of Unused AT-AT Head Design
___ Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues Unproduced Doll Prototype (Early Version)
___ Micro Collection Logo Concepts
___ Mock-Up Lando Calrissian Unproduced Doll Prototype
___ Original Conceptual Model for Hoth Ice Planet Playset
___ Original Conceptual Model for Slave 1
___ Original Conceptual Model for Twin-Pod Cloud Car
___ Original Conceptual Models for ESB Die-Cast Vehicles
___ Snowspeeder Ride On Toy Concept Art
___ Unproduced Large Weapons
___ Unproduced Large Weapons (closeup)
Revenge of the Jedi
___ Unproduced Revenge of the Jedi Master Collector Six Pack
Return of the Jedi
___ "Wicket the Ewok" Presentation Board
___ Bandolier Strap Product Concept Spec Sheet
___ Blockade Runner Product Concept Spec Sheet (closeup)
___ Blockade Runner Product Slides
___ C-3PO Storage Case Product Concept Sheet
___ Concept Artwork for Jedi Knight Role Play Set
___ Concept Artwork for Micro Collection Jabba Dungeon (Boiler Room)
___ Concept Model for Jabba Dungeon Playset

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