Category V Coins

The POTF coin images presented here are courtesy of Richard Cox and Will Grief

Category V Coins
CharacterRear Text BlockTail Logo
FX-7, Medical Droid "Medical DROID trained in basic first aid. Examined LUKE SKYWALKER after his escape from the vicious WAMPA beast." POTF 1 Bar
Han Solo, Rebel Fighter "Heroic friend to the ALLIANCE who is betrayed by LANDO CALRISSIAN and then frozen in carbonite by the EMPIRE." POTF 1 Bar
Hoth Stormtrooper,
Empire "TRAINED soldiers who relentlessly led DARTH VADER's invasion of HOTH." POTF 1 Bar
Luke Skywalker, Jedi
Knight "Commander of the REBEL FORCES who rushed to CLOUD CITY to rescue his friends. There he battled DARTH VADER in a ferocious LIGHTSABER duel." POTF 1 Bar
Princess Leia Boushh "PRINCESS LEIA in disguise as BOUNTY HUNTER to gain entry into JABBA's palace to save HAN SOLO." POTF 1 Bar
Princess Leia Rebel
Leader "Determined young princess who resourcefully stored the REBEL escape plans in R2-D2 when IMPERIAL FORCES attacked the REBEL BLOCKADE RUNNER." POTF 1 Bar
Star Wars, Sail Skiff "JABBA THE HUTT's desert sailcraft used to transport REBELS to the SARLACC pit." POTF 2 Bar
"Robot surgeon for the ALLIANCE. Programmed to perform operations with precision. Repaired LUKE SKYWALKER's hand after his LIGHTSABER duel with DARTH VADER." POTF 1 Bar
Raider, Sand People "Desert nomads who inhabited the planet of TATOOINE. When they ambushed LUKE SKYWALKER, he was rescued by BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI." POTF 1 Bar
Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter "A battle-scarred human Bounty Hunter summoned by DARTH VADER in his pursuit of the MILLENNIUM FALCON and its crew." POTF 2 Bar


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