Category IV Coins

The POTF coin images presented here are courtesy of Richard Cox and Will Grief

Category IV Coins
CharacterRear Text BlockTail Logo
Star Wars, AT-AT "Dreaded armored four-legged machines manned by IMPERIAL PILOTS used in attack on the REBELS on HOTH." POTF 2 Bar
Bib Fortuna, Majordomo "Gruesome-looking, low-life creature who served as JABBA THE HUTT's confidant and right-hand man." POTF 2 Bar
Boba Fett, Bounty 
Hunter "The most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, BOBA FETT tracks HAN SOLO and returns him to JABBA THE HUTT for bounty." POTF 2 Bar
Star Wars, Droids "Galactic robots with advanced high-tech features. Programmed for a variety of specialized technical operations." POTF 1 Bar
Greedo, Bounty Hunter "An alien creature killed by HAN SOLO in the cantina at MOS EISLEY when he attempted to collect the money HAN SOLO owed JABBA THE HUTT." POTF 2 Bar
Imperial Commander, 
Empire "One of several of the EMPIRE's high-ranking military leaders who reported to the insidious Commander of the DEATH STAR-MOFF JERJERROD." POTF 2 Bar
Lando Calrissian, Rebel
General "Handsome, charismatic con artist, and old friend of HAN SOLO's, who lived in CLOUD CITY and owned a TIBANNA gas mine in the BESPIN system." POTF 1 Bar
Luke Skywalker, Rebel
Leader "Rebel pilot who battled the nearly invincible, mammoth AT-AT's on HOTH with the highly maneuverable SNOWSPEEDER." POTF 1 Bar
Star Wars, Millennium
Falcon "HAN SOLO's famous space vehicle used by The REBEL heroes in their attacks on The EMPIRE." POTF 2 Bar
Star Destroyer
Commander, Empire "Pilot of the EMPIRE's enormous, wedge-shaped STAR DESTROYER, one of the largest and most lethal vehicles in the IMPERIAL fleet." POTF 2 Bar


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