Category I Coins

The POTF coin images presented here are courtesy of Richard Cox and Will Grief

Category I Coins
CharacterRear Text BlockTail Logo
Amanaman "Long-armed creature at JABBA'S Court, called "Head Hunter" because of his staff with three heads." Star Wars
A-Wing Pilot,
Rebel "Brave REBEL PILOT of the awesome A-WING FIGHTER.Took an active part in the successful attack on the new, more powerful DEATH STAR." Star Wars
Barada, Skiff Sentry "One of the many weird creatures who serves as a guard in the palace of JABBA THE HUTT." Star Wars
EV-9D9, Torture Droid "Feared and hated robot who supervised the torture of uncooperative droids in JABBA THE HUTT's dungeon." Star Wars
Han Solo, Carbon Freeze "Smuggler captured by the bounty hunter BOBA FETT and "frozen" because he owed money to the evil JABBA THE HUTT." POTF 2 Bar
Imperial Dignitary, Empire "One of the evil men who is close to The Emperor and serves as an advisor in his plans to destroy the REBEL forces." Star Wars
Imperial Gunner, Empire "One of the men who controlled the original DEATH STAR's powerful Death Ray. In one single blast, he destroyed the entire planet of ALDERAAN." POTF 2 Bar
Lando Calrissian, Rebel General "The administrator of CLOUD CITY, LANDO flies the MILLENIUM FALCON to victory as the REBELS destroy the DEATH STAR." Star Wars
Luke Skywalker, Rebel
Leader "JEDI KNIGHT and member of ENDOR assault group. On a SPEEDER BIKE, he fearlessly pursued IMPERIAL BIKER SCOUTS." Star Wars
Luke Skywalker, Rebel
Leader "Young adventurer who rescued PRINCESS LEIA from the detention center of the original DEATH STAR battle station." Star Wars
R2-D2, Rebel Droid "Barrel-shaped DROID. Functions as a sophisticated computer-repair and information retrieval robot. R2-D2 communicates through electronic sounds and uses C-3PO as his interpreter." Star Wars
Romba, Ewok "An EWOK warrior who uses simple EWOK weapons to protect the planet ENDOR." POTF 2 Bar
Warok, Ewok "An EWOK warrior who helps the REBELS overcome the deadly SCOUT WALKERS." Star Wars


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