Category III Coins

The POTF coin images presented here are courtesy of Richard Cox and Will Grief

Category III Coins
CharacterRear Text BlockTail Logo
Chief Chirpa, Ewok
Leader "Chief of the EWOK tribe. A brave leader who guides the EWOKS on ENDOR with strength and wisdom." POTF 2 Bar
Star Wars, 
Creatures "Bizarre-looking low life aliens who hang out in local cantinas and are suspicious of all outsiders." POTF 2 Bar
Emperor's Royal Guard, 
Empire "Majestic troops who greeted THE EMPEROR upon his arrival for the inspection of the nearly-completed DEATH STAR battle station." POTF 2 Bar
Solo, Rebel Hero "Caring and loyal friend of the REBELS. He braved the icy wilderness of HOTH in search of LUKE SKYWALKER" POTF 1 Bar
Logray, Ewok "Trusted EWOK Medicine Man. With his magical powers, he has the ability to save the tribe from danger." POTF 2 Bar
Luke Skywalker, Rebel
Leader "Once a naive farmboy on TATOOINE, LUKE was plunged into the rebellion when encountering BEN KENOBI and PRINCESS LEIA." POTF 2 Bar
TIE Fighter Pilot, 
Empire "Relentless pilot of an IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTER who tried unsuccessfully to stop LUKE SKYWALKER and other REBELS from destroying the DEATH STAR." POTF2 Bar


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