Category II Coins

The POTF coin images presented here are courtesy of Richard Cox and Will Grief

Category II Coins
CharacterRear Text BlockTail Logo
Anakin Skywalker, Jedi "Father of LUKE SKYWALKER and PRINCESS LEIA. One time JEDI KNIGHT and pupil of BEN KENOBI." Star Wars
AT-ST Driver, Empire "Driver of the dreaded SCOUT WALKER used in battle against REBELS and EWOKS on ENDOR." POTF 2 Bar
Biker Scout, Empire "Imperial soldier who patrolled the planet ENDOR on a SPEEDER BIKE and protected the DEATH STAR's shield generator from REBEL intruders." POTF 2 Bar
B-Wing Pilot, Rebel "Courageous REBEL flyer who piloted the spectacular B-WING FIGHTER during the final REBEL assault on the EMPIRE's last DEATH STAR." POTF 2 Bar
Chewbacca, Wookiee "A 200 year-old giant WOOKIEE who co-pilots the MILLENIUM FALCON. Loyal friend of HAN SOLO." POTF 2 Bar
C-3P0, Protocol Droid "A droid who translates millions of galactic languages, including electronic tongues spoken by many DROIDS. R2-D2's companion." Star Wars
Darth Vader, Lord of
the Sith "LORD OF THE SITH who personifies the evil of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Uses powers to seek destruction of REBEL ALLIANCE." POTF 2 Bar
Emperor, Galactic 
Ruler "Supreme ruler of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, who enlists DARTH VADER's help to turn LUKE SKYWALKER to the dark side of THE FORCE." POTF 2 Bar
Gamorrean Guard, Palace 
Sentry "Imposing, pig-like creatures who guarded entrances to JABBA THE HUTT's castle, throne room, and dungeon." POTF 2 Bar
Han Solo, Rebel "Daredevil pilot of the MILLENNIUM FALCON. Technically not a member of the REBEL ALLIANCE. HAN lends his support when most needed." POTF 2 Bar
Jawas, Desert
Scavengers "Furry, cloaked inhabitant of TATOOINE who captured R2-D2 and C-3P0 and sold them to LUKE SKYWALKER's uncle." Star Wars
Luke Skywalker, Jedi "A young farmer who became a REBEL pilot and JEDI KNIGHT. He helped lead the ALLIANCE in their battle against the EMPIRE." Star Wars
Luke Skywalker, Jedi 
Knight "As a brave JEDI KNIGHT, LUKE SKYWALKER gained entrance to JABBA THE HUTT's throne room by using a JEDI mind trick on the guards." POTF 2 Bar
Lumat, Ewok Warrior "This older EWOK is an expert wood carver who has used his skills to help build the EWOK VILLAGE and make other EWOK utinsils." POTF 2 Bar
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi
Master "Former JEDI KNIGHT who served in the CLONE WARS long ago. BEN KENOBI teaches LUKE SKYWALKER to utilize the FORCE." POTF 2 Bar
Paploo, Ewok "Young EWOK Scout whose love of adventure sometimes gets him- and his EWOK friends- into trouble." POTF 2 Bar
Princess Leia, Rebel Leader "Once senator and princess on ALDERAAN, PRINCESS LEIA is a dedicated leader of the REBEL ALLIANCE, undaunted in her struggle to overthrow Imperial tyranny." POTF 2 Bar
Stormtrooper, Empire "One of the many thousands of drones of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Totally dedicated to THE EMPEROR, they carried out a reign of terror among the worlds of the galaxy." POTF 2 Bar
Teebo, Ewok "A large EWOK who, with WICKET, serves as a guide for the REBELS on ENDOR." POTF 2 Bar
Wicket, The Ewok "Loveable, furry inhabitant of ENDOR who befriended PRINCESS LEIA after her SPEEDER BIKE was destroyed by BIKER SCOUTS." POTF 2 Bar
Yak Face, Bounty
Hunter "A creature with long facial hair wearing a furry mantle seen in Jabba's Throne Room and on the SAIL BARGE." POTF 2 Bar
Yoda, The Jedi Master "A small creature who dwells on the bog planet of DAGOBAH. The former teacher of BEN KENOBI, YODA has trained JEDI KNIGHTS for over 800 years." Star Wars


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