Items with photo by: Duncan Jenkins

Catalogs / Retailer
A New Hope
United States
 Skyline Inc
___ Skyline 1978 Retailer Catalog
___ Trading Cards Series 1 Order Sheet
___ Toyota Today Magazine
Empire Strikes Back
United States
 Burger Chef
___ Burger Chef Managers Kit
___ FunDimensions 1981 Catalog
___ FunDimensions 1982 Catalog
___ 1982 Rebate Offer Package
___ MPC 1980 Catalog
___ Sigma 1981 Catalog
 Thinking Cap
___ Thinking Cap 1982 Wholesale Catalog
___ Thinking Cap 1983 Catalog
Revenge of the Jedi
United States
 Sales Corporation of America
___ Revenge Sales Corp. of America 4-Page Foldout
Return of the Jedi
___ 1983 Retailer Catalog
United Kingdom
 Westbrook Publications
___ Greeting Cards Retailer Catalog/Flyer
United States
 Adam Joseph
___ Adam Joseph Order Sheet
 Chein Industries
___ Tinware Order Sheet
 Dak Industries
___ Dak Industries Catalog
 Del Rey/Ballantine
___ ROTJ Novel Promo Broshure
 Don Post
___ Don Post 1983 Catalog
___ Craftmaster 1984 Retailer Catalog
___ Craftmaster 1985 Retailer Catalog
___ Makit & Bakit 1984 Retailer Catalog
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ ROTJ Marketing Guide
___ MPC 1983 Retailer Catalog
___ MPC 1984 Retailer Catalog
___ Appointment Motivation Plan
___ School Lunch Kits 1984 Catalog
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Lego 1999 Catalog
 Metro Games
___ Metro Games Action 1996/1997 Summer Catalog
 Fox Home Entertainment
___ Video Catalogue 1995 Fall-Winter
 Wonder Works
___ Feel the Foce Clothing Vol 1 Retailer Catalog
___ Yamato 1998 Catalog
United Kingdom
 Compulsions Gallery
___ Compulsions 2000/2001 Catalog
United States
 Advanced Graphics
___ Retailer Catalog 2001-2
 American Library Association
___ ALA Graphics Fall 1997 Catalog
___ ALA Graphics Fall 1998 Catalog
___ ALA Graphics Fall 1999 Catalog
___ AMT/Ertl 1992 Catalog
___ AMT/MPC/Ertl 1989 Catalog
___ Applause 1995 SW Catalog
___ Applause 1996 SW Catalog Supplement
___ Applause 1997 Catalog
___ Applause 1998 SW Catalog
___ Applause April 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Avon 1997 Campaign 21 Catalog
___ Avon 1997 Campaign 21 Demo Book
___ Avon 1997 Campaign 22 Catalog
___ Avon 1997 Campaign 25 Catalog
___ Avon 1997 Campaign 26 Catalog
___ Avon 1998 Campaign 19 Demo Book
___ Avon 1998 Campaign 24 Catalog
___ Avon 1999 Campaign 1 Catalog
___ Avon 1999 Campaign 3 Catalog
___ Bantam 1994 SW Catalog
___ Bantam 1995 Publishing Program
___ Changes 1995 Catalog
 Chronicle Books
___ 1999 Flyer/Price list
___ Spring/Summer 1999 Catalog
 Collector Books
___ SW Super Collector Wish Book 1st Edition Flyer
___ SW Super Collector Wish Book 2nd Edition Flyer
 Craft House
___ Crafthouse 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Crafthouse 1997 Retailer Catalog
___ Crafthouse Line Art
 CUI/Dram Tree/Metalic Images
___ Dram Tree 1995 Retailers Catalog
 Del Rey/Ballantine
___ Timeline Booklet
 Don Post
___ Don Post 1997 Catalog (SW 'A' Cover)
 Doring Kindersly
___ DK Family Learning 1999 Catalog
___ Galoob Fall 1994 Retailer Catalog
___ Galoob Fall 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Galoob Spring 1997 Retailer Catalog
 Golden Turtle Press
___ 2000 Calendar Catalog
___ Hallmark 1996 Dreambook
___ Hallmark 1997 Dreambook
___ Hallmark 1998 Dreambook
___ Hallmark 2000 Dreambook
 Hamilton Collection
___ Spring 97 Hamilton Collection Catalog
___ Boys Toy Fair 1995 Retailer Catalog
___ Gallery Order of Presentation 2002
___ Milton-Bradley 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Parker Bros. 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Pre-Toy Fair 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Pre-Toy Fair 1997 Retailer Catalog
___ Toy Fair 1996 Retailer Catalog
___ Toy Fair 1997 Retailer Catalog
 Hollywood Pins
___ Hollywood Pins Catalog
 Just Toys
___ Just Toys Catalog Page
___ Kenner 1994 Retailer Catalog
 Lucas Books
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1994 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1995 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1996 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1997 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1998 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 1999 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 2000 Catalog
___ Lucasfilm Publishing 2001 Catalog
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ 1984 Licensing Promo
___ SW Marketing Guide 1996-1999
___ SW Update Vol 4 No 1
___ SW Update Vol 5 No 2
___ Lucas License Magazine
 Rawcliffe Pewter
___ Rawcliffe 1996 Catalog
 Warner Bros
___ Marching Band Music for 1999 catalog
Star Wars Special Editions
United States
 Frito Lay
___ Dorito's Advertising Schedule Calendar
Phantom Menace
___ Intercom Video Retailer Catalog
 PC Entertainment software
___ PC Entertainment Software Catalogue 1999
United Kingdom
 Random House
___ Episode 1 Retailer Promo Folder
United States
___ Applause Episode 1 Preview Catalog
___ Avon 1999 3rd & 4th Quarter Preview Catalog
___ Avon 1999 Campaign 15 Catalog
 Don Post
___ Don Post 1999 Catalog
___ Fruit Snacks Retailer Kit
___ 1999 Galoob Fall Buyer's Guide
___ 1999 Hasbro Star Wars CD ROM
___ Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair 2001 Retailer Catalog
___ Hasbro Toy Fair 1999 Episode 1 Workbook
___ Hasbro Toy Fair 1999 Retailer Catalog
___ Hasbro Toy Fair 2000 Retailer Catalog
 Hope Industries
___ Retailer Catalog
___ Availability Sheet
___ KFC Rollout Guide
 Kid Rhino Records
___ Retailer Catalog
___ Lego Summer 1999 Catalog
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ SW Update Vol 5 #3
 Software Etc/Babbages
___ May 3-25, 1999 Catalog
 Taco Bell
___ Module 5 Version 10
 Taco Bell/KFC/Pizza Hut
___ Yummy Times
Attack of the Clones
 Egmont CR
___ Egmont 2002 Retailer Catalog
___ Avon Catlog Campaign 12/2002
United States
___ Extreme Summer Catalog 2002
 Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox
___ Licensee Booklet & Folder (Anakins & Vader Cover)
___ NECA 2003 Catalog
 Rawcliffe Pewter
___ Retailer April 2002 Catalog
Store Displays / Retailer Specific
Return of the Jedi
United States
 Spencer Gifts
___ Luke vs Darth Vader Clear Plastic Window Display
Ewoks Cartoon
United States
___ Best Of Fox Translite (Includes Haunted Village)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Shelf Wobbler (Complete Range OF SW Merchandise At Front Of Store)
United States
___ Target T-Shirt Art Display Card (Polish ROTJ Heroes Art)
___ Costco X-Wing/TIE Fighter 2pk Display Bin
___ C-3PO Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Darth Vader Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Han Solo Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Millennium Falcon Chased By Star Destroyer Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Space Battle Ceiling Dangler Display (Falcon & Death Star II)
___ Space Battle Ceiling Dangler Display (X-Wing vs Vader's TIE)
___ Toy Mania At K-Mart 2-Sided Hanging Display
___ Yoda Ceiling Dangler Display
___ Mindstorm/Y-Wing/Star Destroyer/Lego Wal-Mart Employee Shelf Talker
___ SW Trilogy 92 Box Set Translite
___ Darth Vader Blade Sign
___ X-Wings & SW Logo Display Strip
 Toys R Us
___ Millennium Falcon Sweepstakes Counter Standee
___ Millennium Falcon Sweepstakes Display Card
___ Anakin Masterpiece Edition 2-Sided Display Card
___ Early Bird Certificate Pallett Side Display
___ X-Wing & Vader's TIE Fighter (McQuarrie Galoob) End Cap Header
Star Wars Special Editions
United Kingdom
___ Vacuformed Darth Vader Face
United States
___ C-3PO Mini-Action Set Premium Window Sticker
 Walmart/Fox Video
___ Darth Vader Motion Activated Huge Display
Phantom Menace
___ Win Watto 2-Sided Sign
United States
 KB Toys
___ Destination Star Wars Table Tent
___ Anakin Pod Outfit Price Display Card
___ Anakin/Amidala/Darth Maul Costumes 3-Sided Display
___ Darth Maul Costume/SW Logo Display Sign
 Toys R Us
___ Star Wars Episode 1 @ Toys R Us Cloth Banner
___ SW Sticker Saturdays Display Sign
___ 3-Sided 4-Way Kit Figures (Jar Jar, Darth Maul, Amidala)
___ 4-Way Kit Side Panel (Amidala With Vertical Scene)
___ 4-Way Kit Side Panel (Anakin With Vertical Scene)
___ 4-Way Kit Side Panel (Darth Maul With Vertical Scene)
___ 4-Way Kit Side Panel (Qui-Gon With Vertical Scene)
___ Blade Sign (Anakin in Pod on both sides)
___ Blade Sign (Battle Droid on STAP on both sides)
___ Blade Sign (Full Amidala on both sides)
___ Blade Sign (Full Darth Maul on both sides)
___ Blade Sign (Qui-Gon on both sides)
___ Blade Sign (Space Battle on both sides)
___ Floor Stand Sign (Upcoming Events)
___ Hardline Backer (Amidala & Horizontal scene)
___ Hardline Backer (Anakin & Horizontal scene)
___ Hardline Backer (Darth Maul & Horizontal scene)
___ Hardline Backer (Obi-Wan & Horizontal scene)
___ Hardline Insert (Gold SW Logo with Red Background)
___ Hardline Tent Topper (Gold SW logo with Red Background both sides)
___ Paper Price Flag (Gold SW Logo)
___ Softline Backer (Qui-Gon next to scene)
___ Softline Tent Topper 2-Sided (Amidala, SW Logo)
___ Softline Tent Topper 2-Sided (Anakin, SW Logo)
___ Softline Tent Topper 2-Sided (Obi-Wan, SW Logo)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Amidala & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Anakin & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Battle Droid & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Obi-Wan & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Qui-Gon & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept Overhead Side Counter Panel (Watto & Horizontal scene)
___ Toy Dept P.O.P. Signing Shipper Box
Attack of the Clones
___ Episode II Contest Display Bin
___ Episode II Logo & Prizes Rectangle Shelf Talker
___ Episode II Logo Square Mini-Shelf Talker
___ Arena de Entrenamiento Jedi Card (July 5-21, 2002)
United States
___ AOTC Scratch & Win Cards Are Here Display Sign
___ Halloween Costume Vertical Banner Entrance Card
 Sam Goody/Suncoast
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi '25% off Books' Display Sign
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi 'Goody Got It' Display Sign
___ Padme/Anakin/Jango Fett Halloween Costumes Aisle Header Card
___ Aisle Card (Product Available April 23/Jedi Training May 18)
___ Custom SW Cakes In The Bakery Display Card
___ Toy Aisle Overhead Panel (Clone Troopers)
___ Toy Aisle Overhead Panel (Obi-Wan/Jango Fett)
___ Toy Aisle Overhead Panel (SW Logo & Raised Saber)
Clone Wars
United States
___ New Releases At Wal-Mart Every Tuesday Stanchion Card (Clone Wars Vol 1 & Others)
Revenge of the Sith
 Circle K
___ Circle K Darth Vader Cloth Banner
 Shell Oil
___ 2-Sided Display of Sale Items Including SW M&Ms
United States
___ Target T-Shirt Art Display Card (Chewbacca Bust 'Chewie')
___ Target T-Shirt Art Display Card (Distressed Yellow SW Logo)
___ Sam's Club Playset/Vehicle With Bonus Figures Bin
 JAKKS Pacific
___ Sam's Club SW TV Games Gift Set Tray
___ Double Cover Spiral Notebook Counter Display Box
___ Super-D Darth Vader Palm Talker/M&M Offer 2-Sided Hanging Display
___ Two Pocket Portfolio Counter Display Box
___ Yoda 'Get a $10 SW Gift Card' Shelf Talker
___ Yoda 'Get a $10 SW Gift Card' Sign
___ 'Save $5 & Get A Free 4-Pack Of Cards' Shelf Talker
___ Darth Vader & Droids Long Display Card
___ Darth Vader Half Helmet Over Lava Price Card
___ 48 Hours of the Force Long Vinyl Banner
___ Clicks Watches Clip Strip ($6.43 Everyday)
___ Darth Vader Endcap Sign
___ Darth Vader Helmet Over Lava Art 2-Sided Display Card
___ Darth Vader Helmet Over Lava Art Header Card
___ Lego Pallet Display Top 4pc Set
Event Collectibles / Public / Conventions / Retro 2004 Yucatan, Mexico
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ 'The Yoda' Black T-Shirt
 Yucatan Fan Club
___ Retro 2004 Expositor Badge (Stylized Darth Vader Photo)
___ Retro 2004 Flyer/Schedule (Darth Vader Stylized Photo)
___ Retro 2004 Staff Badge (Stylized Darth Vader Photo)
___ Yucatan Logo/SW Logo Black On White Admission Wristband
Jewelry / Rings
A New Hope
___ The Force Black Plastic Ring
___ The Force White Plastic Ring
United States
___ TIE Fighter Blue Plastic Ring
___ TIE Fighter White Plastic Ring
___ TIE Fighter Yellow Plastic Ring
___ X-Wing Fighter White Plastic Ring
 Weingeroff Ent
___ 3 Ring Set (Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO)
Empire Strikes Back
United States
 Wallace Berrie
___ Darth Vader Ring
___ May The Force Be With You Ring
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO Ring
___ R2-D2 Ring
___ X-Wing Ring
___ Yoda Ring
Return of the Jedi
United States
 Adam Joseph
___ X-Wing Fighter Pilot Gold Tone Ring (Jewelry Card)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Admiral Ackbar Sterling Silver Ring
___ Bith Sterling Silver Ring
___ C-3PO Helmet Sterling Silver Ring
___ Jawa Sterling Silver Ring
___ Tusken Raider Helmet Sterling Silver Ring
___ Darth Vader Helmet Ring
___ Stormtrooper Helmet Ring
Phantom Menace
___ Jar Jar Sterling Silver Ring
___ Sebulba Sterling Silver Ring
Apparel / Robes
Return of the Jedi
United States
 Wilker Bros
___ Darth Vader & Royal Guards Tan Robe
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 Davenport Clothing
___ McQuarrie Early Darth Vader's Helmet Over Heroes Repeating Art Satin Robe
Games / Role-Playing
 Jeux Descartes
___ Cargos Interstellaires (Galaxy Guide: Tramp Freighters)
___ Chasse a l'Homme sur Tatooine (Tatooine Manhunt Module)
___ Commando: Shantipole (Strikeforce: Shantipole Module)
___ Crise dans la Cite des Nuages (Crisis On Cloud City Module)
___ Descartes le Supplement Vol 7
___ Eclaireurs (Galaxy Guide: Scouts)
___ Fragments de la Bordure Exterieure (Galaxy Guide: Fragments From the Rim)
___ Guerriers Des Etoiles (Star Warriors)
___ Jeux Descartes Plus Vol 3
___ L'Etoile de la Mort, Dossier Technique (Death Star Technical Companion)
___ La Bataille du Soleil d'Or (Battle For The Golden Sun Module)
___ Le Domaine du Mal (Domain Of Evil TPB)
___ Le Guide
___ Le Guide De L'Empire
___ Le Jeu de Role de la Guerre des Etoilles Seconde Edition Hardback
___ Les Co-Ordinnees d'Isis (Isis Co-Ordinates TPB)
___ Les Recuperateurs (Scavenger Hunt Module)
___ Manuel d'Instruction de General Cracken (General Cracken's Field Guide TPB)
___ Materiel de Campagne (Campaign Pack Module)
___ Outrespace (Other Space Module)
___ Pluie d'Etoiles (Starfall Module)
 Cutting Edge Pub/WEG
___ Operation Starfall TPB
 Welt der Spiel/WEG
___ Das Vermachtnis von Alderaan (Graveyard of Alderaan)
___ Krieg der Sterne Das Rolenspiel (SW RPG Box Set)
___ Spielleiterset (Gamemaster Screen)
___ SW RPG 2nd Edition Hardback
___ Guida A L'Erede dell'Impero (Guide to Heir to the Empire TPB)
___ Guida A Sfida Alla Nuova Repubblica (Dark Force Rising Sourcebook)
___ Il Cimitero di Alderaan (Graveyard of Alderaan)
___ Il Gioco di Rulo Seconda Edizione (Rulebook 2nd Edition TPB)
 JOC Intl/West End Games
___ Batalla por el Sol Dorado (Battle For The Golden Sun Module)
___ El Juego de Role
___ Espacio Paralelo (Other Space Module)
___ Estrella Rendida (Starfall Module)
___ Guia 1: Una Nueva Esperanza (Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope)
___ Suplemento de Reglas (Rules Supplement)
___ Galactica
___ Imperium
___ Stjarnornas Krig

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