Hobby Archive-1998

Year In Review

There are some who would argue that 1998 was just about the height of the hobby. It seemed that everyone was a collector, or knew someone who did. There were new collecting books being published every few months, and new prototype finds kept turning up. All in all, a very busy year.

Cloud City Collectibles is founded.


The Star Wars Traveler opens
A new section of the SWCA is introduced that is focused on Star Wars related travel sites that fans can visit around the world..

Virginia Jarvis Brooks sets out to destroy a number of collectors
Virginia Jarvis Brooks reports all of us to the FBI for......something. Frankly, none of us are sure of what exactly.

The Philip Taylor Saga
Coming soon!

The hardcover Tomart's Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles is released
The hardcover edition of the popular guide is released, included in this special edition are photos are prototypes. Some collectors object to the cover price however.

Memorable Threads

"6 more RocketFetts found in Cincy."
06/28/98: Discussion of an ad in Toy Shop announcing a find of Rocketfetts.

"Anyone notice vintage prices are going down???"
10/04/98: A thread which discusses vintage prices at the time, and the obsession with sealed toys, among other things..

"1980s Toy Commercials"
10/08/98: Discussion of Kenner commercials, and memories of a POTF coin commercial.

"Most Underated/Overrated Pieces? "
10/25/98: An interesting look at how the community viewed market values in 1998.

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