Items with description by: Duncan Jenkins

Art / Sculptures, Statues, and Maquettes
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
 AH Prismatic
___ Millennium Falcon Hologram on Acrylic Stand
___ Millennium Falcon Hologram Stand
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO Hologram Stand
___ X-Wing Hologram Stand
___ Bounty Hunters Statuette
___ Clash of the Jedi Sculpture
___ Darth Vader Statuette
___ Han Solo in Carbonite Statuette
___ Jabba the Hutt Statuette
___ Luke Skywalker In Bacta Tank Sculpture
___ Luke Skywalker Statuette
___ Rancor Statuette
___ Rescue of Princess Leia Statuette
___ Sandtrooper & Dewback Statuette
___ Vader's Meditation Chamber Sculpture
___ Wampa Attack Statuette
 Bill Wray
___ King Crab Space Crustacean Statuette (X-Wing Outfit Version)
 Bowen Design
___ Boba Fett Bronze Sculpture
___ Chewbacca Bronze Sculpture
___ Darth Vader Bronze Sculpture
___ Rancor Bronze Sculpture
 Code 3 Collectibles
___ 3-D Sculpted Mini-Poster--ANH 1976 Convention Poster (Chaykin)
___ 3-D Sculpted Mini-Poster--ESB Advance Art
___ 3-D Sculpted Poster--ESB 'A' Art
___ 3-D Sculpted Poster--ROTJ 'A' Art
___ 3-D Sculpted Poster--SW 'A' Art
___ Die Cast AT-ST
___ Die Cast Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
___ Die Cast Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Signature Edition
___ Die Cast Millennium Falcon
___ Die Cast Slave I
___ Die Cast Slave I Signature Edition
___ Die Cast X-Wing
___ Die Cast X-Wing Signature Edition
___ Laser Etched Millennium Falcon Cube
 Franklin Mint
___ 20th Anniversary Gold Plated AT-AT
___ 20th Anniversary Gold Plated Millennium Falcon
___ Duel of the Jedi Sculpture
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Admiral Ackbar Mini-Bust
___ Animated Style Boba Fett (Holiday Special) Statue
___ Animated Style C-3PO & Jawa Statue
___ Animated Style Chewbacca Statue
___ Animated Style Darth Maul Statue
___ Animated Style Darth Vader Statue
___ Animated Style Emperor Statue
___ Animated Style Han Solo Statue
___ Animated Style Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Outfit) Statue
___ Animated Style Luke Stormtrooper and Dianoga Statue
___ Animated Style Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH) Statue
___ Animated Style Princess Leia Monument
___ Animated Style Shadow Stormtrooper Statue
___ Animated Style Stormtrooper Statue
___ AT-TE Clone Trooper Mini-Bust Accessory Pack
___ Bib Fortuna Statue
___ Biker Scout Mini-Bust
___ Black Hole Stormtrooper Mini-Bust
___ Boba Fett Statue
___ Bust-Ups 4-pack (Spirit of the Rebellion--Clear)
___ Bust-Ups 4-pack (Spirit of the Rebellion--Glow-in-Dark)
___ Bust-Ups Bounty Hunter Box Set
___ Bust-Ups Cantina Band Box Set
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper Army Builder Set (AOTC, Battle Damaged)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper Army Builder Set (AOTC, Clean)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper Army Builder Set (ROTS, Battle Damaged)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper Army Builder Set (ROTS, Clean)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper Sergeant
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive 2004 Toy Fair Clone Trooper Lieutenant
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive 2005 Toy Fair Boba Fett
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive 2006 Darth Vader In Flames
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive Clear Yoda
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive Holographic Chewbacca
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive Holographic Sith Lord 2pk
___ Bust-Ups Exclusive Silver Jango Fett
___ Bust-Ups Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (Stormtroopers)
___ Bust-Ups Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (Stormtroopers) Dirty Armor
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--C-3PO
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--Chewbacca
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--Han Solo (Ceremonial)
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--Luke Skywalker (Ceremonial)
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--Princess Leia
___ Bust-Ups Series 1--Yoda
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Black Hole Stormtrooper
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Count Dooku
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Darth Maul
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Darth Sidious
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Darth Vader
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Royal Guard
___ Bust-Ups Series 2--Stormtrooper
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--4-LOM
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--Boba Fett
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--Bossk
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--Dengar
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--Jango Fett
___ Bust-Ups Series 3--Zuckuss
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--Anakin Skywalker
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--Clone Trooper
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--Darth Sidious
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--General Grievous
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--Obi-Wan Kenobi
___ Bust-Ups Series 4--Yoda
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--AT-AT Driver
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--Darth Vader
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--Han Solo (Hoth)
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--Snowtrooper
___ Bust-Ups Series 5--Wampa
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Bith
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Greedo
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Han Solo
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Obi-Wan Kenobi
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Ponda Baba
___ Bust-Ups Series 6--Snaggletooth
___ Bust-Ups Stormtrooper Army Builder Set
___ C-3PO Chrome Mini-Bust
___ C-3PO Mini-Bust
___ Chewbacca Mini-Bust
___ Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt) Mini-Bust
___ Classics AT-AT Driver
___ Classics Boba Fett
___ Classics Hammerhead
___ Classics Jar Jar Binks
___ Classics Kit Fisto
___ Classics Obi-Wan Kenobi
___ Classics Queen Amidala
___ Classics Snowtrooper Commander
___ Classics TIE Pilot
___ Commander Bacara Mini-Bust (Exclusive)
___ Commander Bly Mini-Bust (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)
___ Commander Cody Mini-Bust (San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive)
___ Commander Gree Mini-Bust (Celebration IV Exclusive)
___ Commander Neyo Mini-Bust (Blister Exclusive)
___ Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress Statue
___ Dagobah Yoda Statue
___ Darth Malak Mini-Bust
___ Darth Maul (Double Lightsaber) Statue
___ Darth Maul and Bloodfin Statue
___ Darth Vader (Anakin Reveal) Mini-Bust
___ Darth Vader Chrome Mini-Bust
___ Darth Vader Mini-Bust
___ Dengar Mini-Bust
___ Grand Moff Tarkin Mini-Bust
___ Han Solo Mini-Bust
___ Han Solo On Tauntaun Statue
___ Han Solo Statue
___ Jango Fett Mini-Bust
___ Jawa (2-Pack) Mini Busts
___ LEGO Boba Fett Maquette
___ LEGO Darth Vader Maquette
___ LEGO Han Stormtrooper Maquette
___ LEGO Luke X-Wing Maquette
___ LEGO Stormtrooper Maquette
___ Luke On Tauntaun Statue
___ Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Mini-Bust
___ Mara Jade Mini-Bust
___ Max Rebo (Holiday Edition) Mini-Bust
___ Obi-Wan in Clone Trooper Armor Mini-Bust
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old) Mini-Bust
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spirit) Mini-Bust
___ Plo Koon Mini-Bust
___ Princess Leia (ANH) Mini-Bust
___ Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise) Mini-Bust
___ Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) Statue
___ Qui-Gon Jinn Mini-Bust
___ Royal Guard Mini-Bust
___ Sandtrooper Corporal Mini-Bust
___ Sandtrooper Squad Leader Mini-Bust
___ Senate Guard Mini Bust
___ Senate Guard Statue
___ Shaak Ti Mini-Bust
___ Shocktrooper Mini-Bust & Bust-Up
___ Spirit of Yoda Mini-Bust
___ Stormtrooper Mini-Bust
___ TIE Fighter Pilot Mini-Bust
___ Tusken Raider Mini-Bust
___ Zuckuss Mini-Bust
 Illusive Concepts
___ Admiral Ackbar
___ Boba Fett Torso
___ Chewbacca Head
___ Jabba the Hutt
___ Rancor
___ Vader Reveals Anakin
___ Darth Vader Cinemacast Statue
___ Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Cinemacast
 Killian Enterprises
___ Bronze Yoda Mini Statue
___ Boba Fett Mini-Helmet
___ C-3PO Mini-Helmet
___ Darth Vader Mini-Helmet
___ Stormtrooper Mini-Helmet
___ X-Wing Pilot Mini-Helmet
 Sideshow Collectibles
___ Anakin Skywalker 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Anakin Skywalker Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Anakin vs Obi-Wan Diorama
___ Asajj Ventress 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Asajj Ventress Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Boba Fett 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Boba Fett Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Bossk 1:1 Scale Bust
___ Dagobah Luke & Yoda Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Darth Maul 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Darth Maul 1:1 Scale Bust
___ Darth Maul Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Darth Vader 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Darth Vader Bronze Statue
___ Darth Vader Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Diplomatic Mission Diorama
___ Duel of the Fates Diorama
___ Duel of the Fates Faux Bronze Diorama
___ Emperor Palpatine 1:1 Scale Bust
___ General Grievous 1/4 Scale Statue
___ General Grievous Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Greedo 1:1 Scale Bust
___ Han Solo 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Han Solo Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Imperial Scout with Speeder Bike 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Look Sir, Droids Diorama
___ Luke Skywalker Moisture Farmer Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Luke Skywalker Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Padme vs. Nexu (Geonosis Arena) Diorama
___ Padme vs. Nexu (Geonosis Arena) Faux Bronze Diorama
___ Princess Leia 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Princess Leia Premium 1/4 Scale Statue
___ Sabotage Diorama
___ Salacious Crumb 1:1 Scale Statue
___ Space Slug Diorama
___ Yoda 1:1 Scale Bust
___ Yoda vs. Count Dooku Diorama
___ Yoda vs. Count Dooku Faux Bronze Diorama
___ Darth Vader TIE Fighter Hardware Sculpture
 Waterford Crystal
___ Death Star Etched Crystal Paperweight
Shadows of the Empire
United States
___ SOTE Statuette
Star Wars Special Editions
___ TSE Ingot Light-Up Etched Glass Panel
Phantom Menace
___ Anakin Skywalker Mini-Statue with Name & 'Argentina' Base
___ Boss Nass Mini-Statue with Name & 'Argentina' Base
___ Palpatine Mini-Statue with Name & 'Argentina' Base
___ Qui-Gon Jinn Mini-Statue with Name & 'Argentina' Base
United States
___ Amidala Mini-Statuette
___ Darth Maul Mini-Statuette
___ Darth Maul Mini-Statuette (Suncoast exclusive)
___ Duel of the Fates Diorama
___ Obi-Wan Mini-Statuette
___ Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan Statuette
___ Qui-Gon Mini-Statuette
Attack of the Clones
___ Clone Trooper Ceramic Statue
___ Jango Fett Ceramic Statue
___ Padme Amidala Ceramic Statue
___ Yoda (AOTC) Ceramic Statue
United States
 Code 3 Collectibles
___ Die Cast Republic Gunship
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Anakin Skywalker Bust
___ Clone Trooper (Blue) Bust
___ Clone Trooper (Red) Bust
___ Clone Trooper (Yellow) Bust
___ Clone Trooper Bust
___ Clone Trooper Pilot Bust
___ Clone Trooper Sergeant (Green) Bust
___ Count Dooku Bust
___ Jango Fett Bust
___ Jango Fett Chrome Bust
___ Mace Windu Bust
___ Obi-Wan Kenobi Bust
___ Padme Amidala Bust
___ Yoda Bust
___ Zam Wesell Bust
___ Darth Vader Bust Statue
___ Yoda Bust Statue
___ Yoda Life-Size Statue
Clone Wars
United States
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Bust-Ups Anakin Skywalker
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper (Blue)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper (Red)
___ Bust-Ups Clone Trooper (White)
___ Bust-Ups General Grievous
___ Bust-Ups Obi-Wan in Clone Armor
___ Bust-Ups Padme Amidala
___ Bust-Ups Yoda
___ Clone Wars Yoda Monument
___ Mace Windu Maquette
___ Padme Amidala Maquette
___ Republic Commando Full Color Maquette
___ Yoda (On Kybuck) Maquette
Revenge of the Sith
___ General Grievous Ceramic Statue
___ AT-RT Glass Cube
___ Darth Vader Glass Cube
___ Yoda Glass Cube
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Darth Vader Chrome Statue
United Kingdom
 Cards Inc.
___ Jedi Starfighter Crystal Cuts Laser Engraved Acrylic Ornament
United States
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Darth Sidious Mini-Bust
___ Darth Vader Statue
___ Darth Vader Cinemascape Cold Cast Resin Statue
___ M&M As Boba Fett Collectible Figurine
___ M&M As Darth Maul Collectible Figurine
___ M&M As Darth Vader Collectible Figurine
___ M&M As Luke Skywalker Collectible Figurine
___ M&M As Princess Leia Collectible Figurine
___ Yoda Life-Size Statue
Clone Wars 3D
United Kingdom
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Coruscant Guard Maquette
Star Wars Saga (2008-Present)
 Gentle Giant Studios
___ Holographic Darth Maul Mini-Bust
United Kingdom
___ Galactic Marine Mini-Bust
United States
___ Aayla Secura Mini-Bust
___ Airborne Trooper Mini-Bust

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