Rounding out the U.S. vehicle releases are the Sand Skimmer, Security Scout, and Imperial Sniper mini-rigs, or "Single Body Transport Collection," as Kenner phrases it. The mini-rigs were a concept introduced with Empire Strikes Back toys and are "off camera". In other words, they never actually appeared in any of the three Star Wars films, and as a result are either loved or hated, depending on who's being spoken to.

Unlike the ESB and ROJ mini-rigs which appeared, like other vehicles, boxed, the POTF 'rigs were packaged on 6 3/8" x 10 7/8" blister cards and can be difficult to locate today with clear, un-yellowed bubbles.

Kenner described each of the mini-rigs as follows in their 1985 Toy Fair catalog:

One Man Sand Skimmer: Looks like many of the vehicles used on the TATOOINE DESERT in RETURN OF THE JEDI. It features a movable sail and front laser cannon- which, when maneuvered, emits a clicking sound.
Imperial Sniper: An intergalactic IMPERIAL vehicle. Built to navigate through tight areas at supersonic speeds, this vehicle has movable wings and wing assembly. It also features a maintenance hook which enables it to pick up miscellaneous Action Figures and other equipment for the EMPIRE.
Security Scout: When the REBELS scout for enemy troops on ENDOR, they use the SECURITY SCOUT. So we've built our new SECURITY SCOUT with a sleek design too, which enables it to maneuver through those heavily wooded forests. This vehicle also emits clicking laser cannons.
Sand Skimmer Imperial Sniper Security Scout
Carded Mini-Rigs

The POTF mini-rigs were trilogo releases in Europe. The packaging was completely different, with the rigs boxed instead of carded and the classic Star Wars diorama setting instead of the standard box artwork of the POTF line.

Boxed minirig
Trilogo Sand Skimmer
courtesy of Rob Godwin

Before the three mini-rigs went into production, two of them also underwent a name change, as the "Spit Gunner" became the Imperial Sniper and the "Sand Speeder" ended up being the Sand Skimmer.


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