POTF Vehicles

The new figures and coins introduced were accompanied by a small variety of vehicles, some taken straight from the movies and some spawned in toy designers minds. Unfortunately, vehicles were more expensive to design, produce, and ship, which was reflected in their prices. These high prices, coupled with disinterest in the line, left many of the vehicles abandoned on store shelves.

What makes these vehicles stand out from the previous lines is the artwork on the boxes. From Star Wars through Return of the Jedi, pictures of the actual toy were used in a diorama setting. With POTF, artists were commissioned by Kenner to create dramatic action paintings in another attempt to revitalize the line on store shelves. These paintings went through many revisions and changes before reaching the final versions pictured on the boxes. In many cases, the original painting is much larger than what is depicted on the box.


Large-Scale Vehicles
Ewok Battle Wagon
Tatooine Skiff

One Man Sand Skimmer
Imperial Sniper
Security Scout

Jabba the Hutt Dungeon

Foreign Vehicle Releases
Glasslite (Brazil)

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