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FighterBox art reached new levels in the late 1980ís with the Glasslite editions of familiar Star Wars vehicles in Brazilian POTF packaging. Dramatic renditions of the Tie Interceptor (Nave Imperial) and Tie Fighter (Nave Interceptadora) are a testament to the quality of the POTF line and its packaging.

Even more interesting are the ships themselves, which have different color schemes and labeling than their original U.S. counterparts. Both Imperial ships do not have stickers on the panels or their respective white and grey bodies. Instead, the only stickers are in the cockpit and the color of both ships is a metallic silver. The Battle Damaged X-Wing (Caca Estelar ASA-X) was also released using a slightly modified photo of the U.S. version. All three boxes have a large scene from the movie in the upper right corner. Today, these Glasslite POTF ships are some of the hardest production items to track down, and demand premium prices when they do appear.

Glasslite TIE Interceptor Glasslite TIE
Glasslite TIE Interceptor
courtesy of Gus Lopez
Glasslite TIE Fighter
courtesy of Rob Godwin


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