The Power of the Force
Toy Fair 1985 Catalog

Toy Fair 1985 coverOne of the most popular pieces of POTF paperwork is the 1985 Toy Fair catalog. While the catalog also includes Droids and Ewoks merchandise, along with other Kenner lines of toys, it is highly desired because it showcases a good number of POTF figures and vehicles that, while previously issued, were fated to never be released on POTF packaging as a result of the abrupt halting of the line.

The 1985 Toy Fair catalog is 160 pages long. Pages 46-75 are dedicated to Star Wars, with 48-53 and 74-75 containing Power of the Force materials. The cover of the catalog states: “1985 More Hits Year After Year From Kenner”, and includes the logo from various toy lines, including Star Wars. All catalog images are from the collection of Richard Cox.

Page 50Pages 48 and 49 showcase loose action figures. Page 48 contains all 15 of the newly released figures, including Yak Face. Page 49 shows figures already rereleased under the POTF logo or planned as releases. Those featured on the page that never made it onto a POTF card include Luke Skywalker (Original), Logray, TIE Fighter Pilot, and the Rancor Keeper. Also featured on page 49 is a large advertisement for the POTF coins. The A-Wing Pilot coin is pictured.

Page 50 is the page in the catalog that makes most collectors sweat. This page features a large layout of carded versions of 20 of the remaining figures previously unreleased on POTF cards. The only figures on this page to see a POTF release are AT-ST Driver, B-Wing Pilot, and The Emperor. Examples of these have surfaced over the years, and can be distinguished by both a separate bubble for the coin and the fact that they are mounted on proof cards, which vary from production pieces. In fact, all of the figures pictured here are carded in this manner.

Page 51 features the three Power of the Force minirigs, with a small image of the three packaged at the lower right of the page and a large painting of the three in action.

POTF Rancor,
Shuttle, and B-WingPages 52 and 53 showcase vehicles, playsets, and accessories, none of which were ever produced under the POTF logo. Pictured on these pages are The Force Lightsaber, Speeder Bike, Endor Forest Ranger, One-Man Sail Skiff, Laser Rifle Carry Case, Jabba the Hutt playset, Biker Scout Laser Pistol, Rancor Monster, Imperial Shuttle, Y-Wing Fighter, and B-Wing Fighter. All of these sport the POTF logo in the catalog, albeit in preproduction sticker form.

Finally, pages 74 and 75 display plan-o-gram ideas for retailers. Aside from the previously mentioned pieces that are included in the photos are two unproduced display pieces; a large two-sided rectangular header card and a beautiful shelftalker, which has the POTF "lightsaber" logo to both the left and right of the words "The Power of the Force" and a silver bar across the bottom. There are also several unreleased Droids and Ewoks toys shown


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