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Planetary Maps

All Maps are courtesy of Richard Cox

Planetary Maps, basically, are the Power of the Force equivalent of the earlier Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi small in-package catalogs, in that they showed all of the currently available toys and figures (including Yak Face).

cover of map
Planetary Map Cover

The back cover of the different Planetary Maps show, in a much smaller scale, the artwork for the interior of each of the small catalogs. The unfolded side that's not shown on the back is that which displays various toys from the line, including Droids and Ewoks. It can be seen here (218k). It's interesting to note that some of the toys, such as the POTF Biker Scout Pistol, were never actually released under a Power of the Force logo.

back of map
Back of Planetary Maps
Upon beginning to unfold a Map, one is greeted with the below Fan Club advertisement:

join the Fan Club!
Interior Advertisement

The Planetary Maps, found in both Skiff and Battle Wagon packages, were also available later on in the Droids line with the A-Wing and ATL Interceptor. There are three different maps:

The Death Stars
Endor, the Sanctuary Moon
The Planet Tatooine

While one may think at first glance that the "planet" side of the maps is just a collage of pictures, it is in actuality an intricate painting.


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