Character/Pose Playset Number Image
Hoth Wampa Cave (number prefix: 269)
Wampa Hoth Wampa Cave 269-001
Chewbacca, hands in air Hoth Wampa Cave 269-002
Han Solo, crouching and firing Hoth Wampa Cave 269-003
Luke, hanging Hoth Wampa Cave 269-004
Probot (plastic) Hoth Wampa Cave 269-009/269-009a
Hoth Turret Defense (number prefix: 463)
Han Solo, standing and firing Hoth Turret Defense 463-010
Luke Skywalker on Taun Taun Hoth Turret Defense 463-011
Rebel Commander, hand up w/ binoculars Hoth Turret Defense 463-012
Rebel Soldier, lying down w/ gun above head Hoth Turret Defense 463-013
Rebel Soldier, one knee on ground Hoth Turret Defense 463-014
Rebel Soldier, foot on small mound Hoth Turret Defense 463-015
Hoth Generator Attack (number prefix: 668)
Hoth Stormtrooper, firing from hip Hoth Generator Attack 668-001
Hoth Stormtrooper, falling backward Hoth Generator Attack 668-002
Hoth Stormtrooper, lying down and firing diagonally Hoth Generator Attack 668-003
Hoth Stormtrooper, firing from shoulder Hoth Generator Attack 668-004
Hoth Stormtrooper, kneeling and firing Hoth Generator Attack 668-005
Darth Vader, walking Hoth Generator Attack 668-006
Hoth Ion Cannon (number prefix: 692)
Rebel Commander, standing and firing Hoth Ion Cannon 692-001
Rebel Soldier, lying down and firing sideways Hoth Ion Cannon 692-002
Rebel Soldier, standing and firing Hoth Ion Cannon 692-003
Rebel Soldier, foot on large mound Hoth Ion Cannon 692-004
Rebel Soldier, standing and firing Hoth Ion Cannon 692-005
Han Solo on Taun Taun Hoth Ion Cannon 692-006
Princess Leia Hoth Ion Cannon 692-007
Luke Skywalker Hoth Ion Cannon 692-008

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