Character/Pose Playset Number Image
Bespin Control Room (number prefix: 256)
Luke Skywalker, stepping forward w/ gun raised Bespin Control Room 256-001
Luke Skywalker, falling backwards with saber Bespin Control Room 256-002
Darth Vader, zig heil Bespin Control Room 256-003
Darth Vader, saber at hip, ignited Bespin Control Room 256-004
Bespin Gantry (number prefix: 258)
Luke Skywalker, missing hand Bespin Gantry 258-001
Luke Skywalker, lunging w/ saber Bespin Gantry 258-002
Luke Skywalker, lunging w/ saber (alternate sculpting) Prototype - Unproduced N/A
Darth Vader, beckoning Bespin Gantry 258-003
Darth Vader, saber ignited and cape blowing Bespin Gantry 258-004
Bespin Freeze Chamber (number prefix: 460)
Han Solo, shackled Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-009
Han Solo, frozen in carbonite Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-010
Lobot Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-012
Darth Vader, hands on hips Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-013
Boba Fett Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-014
Stormtrooper, gun held outward Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-015
Lando, with cape Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-016
Stormtrooper, guarding Bespin Freeze Chamber 460-017

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