Mail-away Offers: Display Arena

Expiration Date: May 31, 1982
How Available: 10 Proofs of Purchase from Kenner Action Figures + $2.00
How Advertised: Action Figure Cardback: ESB45A

Description: Kenner's second attempt at marketing a display stand for their figures, the Display Arena is significantly rarer than its earlier counterpart, the 12 figure Action Display Stand. The toy consists of three L-shaped plastic bases, which can be interlocked in a variety of ways, as well as four cardboard back drops, each of which is printed with a different scene from The Empire Strikes Back on each of its sides.

mailer box for Display Arena
one of the base units
backdrops 1 and 2 front back
backdrops 3 and 4 front back
instruction sheet front and back
(click for larger images)
offer as shown on action figure cardbacks

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