Mail-away Offers: Star Wars Collector's Action Stand

Expiration Date: May 1, 1979
How Available: 2 Proofs of Purchase from Kenner Action Figures + $2.00 or free with 12 Proofs of Purchase
How Advertised: Action Figure Cardbacks: SW12A SW12B SW12C

Description: This was the second mail-away item for the Star Wars action figure line from Kenner. It was featured in a flyer that came with the first mail-away, the Early Bird kit as well as on the lower portion of the earliest cardback variations, the SW12A, SW12B and SW12C. The stand was really a great way to display the action figures, especially since there were no playsets when the figures were first released. In fact, the toy was so successful that Kenner later re-packaged it for sale in retail stores--a Star Wars store-boxed edition exists, as well as a much rarer (possibly prototype) Empire Strikes Back version.

Mailer Box.

The base
The stand is made of durable gray plastic and it has a clever design of interlocking gears which allow the owner to rotate each of the 3 groups of four by moving the levers on the front of the stand. This made the Collector's Action Stand a great replacement for the Early Bird display, which consisted of cardboard and small plastic pegs to hold the figures in place.

The backdrop is a simple cardboard piece which complements the base well.

The base and cardboard background fit together to make an attractive display.  Kenner would use this basic concept of a durable plastic base with "action" gears and levers combined with a cardboard backdrop for several upcoming playsets, including the Creature Cantina and Land of the Jawas.

Sticker sheet.  Note that the retail boxed version of the Collector's Action Stand has a different sticker featuring a few of the second wave of action figures.

Flyer packaged with the stand.

Offer as shown on action figure cardbacks.

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