Mail-away Offers: Coin

Expiration Date: January 31, 1986
How Available: 1 Proof of Purchase, cut out Sticker and dated receipt
How Advertised: The offer has been found on several action figure cardbacks, including those issued as part of the ESB line. Since the offer consisted of a sticker, and was often applied at retail to overstock product, there is no one cardback it is exclusive to.

Description: Many of the 62 POTF coins could only be acquired via this mail-in promotion. And since the consumer could not specify which coins he or she needed, many people received multiples of the same common coins. It was very hard to complete a set, in other words. Australia also had a variant of the mail-in coin promotion.

Some folks sent Kenner mail requesting an opportunity to complete their sets.  A lucky few actually received complete sets of all 62 coins in the mail.

Here is an example of the type of letter that might be received from the distributor if one requested to be sent a full set. The particular individual who received this letter sent in 62 proofs-of-purchase, 62 receipts and 62 cut-out stickers to reserve his set. It has also been reported that some people were able to purchase sets for $29.

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