ROTJ Paploo with Australian Coin Offer Sticker: This is an intriguing piece. Most of us are familiar with the rather large sticker that Kenner used in 1984 in promoting a mail-in offer for their upcoming POTF coins. The sticker was placed at retail (as opposed to at the place of production) onto existing carded figures, and it shows an image of the Boba Fett coin. The sticker placed on this Paploo figure, however, is considerably different, being slightly smaller than the standard version and considerably simplified in terms of design.

The answer to this mystery is found in a little known coin premium that was offered in Australia towards the end of the ROTJ line. According to a good Australian friend of mine, around 10 to 15 of the coins that were available as mail-aways in the States, were also available in Australia, as in-store premiums. The coins were available solely in toy stores; they were dispensed to customers who purchased one of the figures bearing this unique sticker. Interestingly, both these stickers and the coins were sent by Kenner to Australian stores inside of Trivial Pursuit question card boxes.

Wonderland Toys (the name of the store on the price sticker) is indeed an Australian retailer, and the fact that U.S. cards were, at that time, commonly imported by Australian distributors, explains the presence of the sticker on a U.S. card.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Chris Harper
From the collection of Chris Harper