Hobby Archive-2005

Year In Review

2005 was a huge year in the hobby. Not only did it see Celebration 3, but also the release of Revenge of the Sith. Everywhere they turned, collectors were confronted with a variety of new Star Wars collectibles. From the covers of magazines to the cereal aisle, Star Wars was everywhere. There was an element of sadness too however, as collectors looked at an uncertain future. Very much like what had happened two decades before, collectors would have to learn to live without the support of new films. Just what would the future hold for the hobby?

Revenge of the Sith is Released
The third chapter of the prequel trilogy is released.

Memorable Events

Celebration 3
Celebration 3 was a fan event held in April of 2005.

Revenge of the Sith toys Released
Toys based on a new Star Wars film are released for what is possibly the last time.

Prototype Speederbike Added to Archive
The long voyage of this prototype reaches it's end, as the mystery is solved and is finally placed on the SWCA

Official Price Guide to Star Wars Memorabilia is released

The Star Wars Poster Book is released

Memorable Threads

Re-seal or MOC?
The community debates the definition of "reseal" with a long time collector.
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