Here is a walk around the outside of the building. From the south side, you can see the bulge that is probably Obi-Wan's chimney.

Looking from the west side of the building, you can see a couple of the odd architectural features that seem to serve as flying buttresses.

This is back around the north side of the building. By this time, Gus had become quite taken with the idea of spreading his bedroll out on Obi-Wan's floor for the night. Being myself of the mindset that values comfort over just about anything else, I attributed Gus's notions to standing too long in the tropical sun, and nodded pleasantly, knowing we'd already pre-paid our night's stay at the cosy Hotel Dar Faiza in Houmt Souk. I should note, though, that since our return we've met dozens of Star Wars fans who seem to buy in to this hare-brained scheme of a campout chez Obi-Wan.

And here, in an exclusive photo that you will only see at, we present our find: Obi-Wan's cat! Kitty is obviously a bit peeved that Obi-Wan has gone of on some damn fool crusade without leaving a bowl of Meow Mix.

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