Ben Kenobi's House

By Pamela Green
Photography by Pamela Green and Gus Lopez

Along a sand road leading from the port of Ajim on the island of Djerba are located two important locations from Star Wars, ANH. Further up the road is the mosque which served as exteriors for both Mos Eisley and Anchorhead. Located here is the tiny shack which served for exterior shots of Ben's house.

Location: 33° 44' 27" N, 10° 44' 07" E (using Magellan GPS Pioneer)
Directions: Ajim is located on the southwest corner of the island of Djerba, just off Tunisia's west coast. Ajim is actually the island side ferry terminal, so it is well signed. As you're coming off the ferry terminal, take the first possible left turn, heading north along a sand road that parallels the coast. Ben's house is 3 km along this coastal sand road.

Lionel Noetzlin, who had visited these locations a few months previously, had sent us pictures of an unpainted, partly ruined building. Were were therefore kind of surprised to see the freshly whitewashed and repaired structure that served as Ben's house.

Ben's house is stunning on screen and in person. For some odd reason, this house was not used for the "improved" shot of Ben's house in the Star Wars Special Edition.

Like the Anchorhead locations, this shack is located by the Mediterranean Sea, and not the Dune Sea, as filmmakers would have you believe.

On the other hand, this certainly did look as though it might be the habitat of a "crazy old hermit." The accommodations inside are what one might generously call "rustic." It is roughly divided into two small rooms, with bare dirt floors. My spouse, ever enthusiastic, decided this would serve as an ideal location for a campout.

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