The Wise and Helpful Guide

By Ron Salvatore
Photography by Bill Karp and Ed Albano

The hero first must encounter "threshold guardians," beings who block the way to the adventure. Luke faces threshold guardians when he is attacked by the Tusken Raiders. He is rescued by Ben.

Often the inexperienced hero finds that he cannot proceed without supernatural aid, in the form of a "wise and helpful guide" who provides advice and amulets to further the quest. Ben serves as such a guide and gives Luke a special token--a lightsaber that once belonged to Luke's father.

Ben also interprets the Princess's message and tells Luke about the spiritual power known as the Force. Luke resists the call to adventure, but when he finds his home burned and his family killed, he joins Ben on the journey to Mos Eisley spaceport to obtain transportation to the planet Alderaan, the home of Princess Leia.
--from the Smithsonian introduction

The desert climate of Tatooine, with its earthy, yet very otherworldy appeal, sets the visual tone for the entire Trilogy. The outfits of the planet's inhabitants were very likely heavily influenced by the garb of Tunisia's native residents.

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