Washington D.C.

The Magic of Myth Exhibit

National Air and Space Museum (1997-1998)

Comprising some of Lucasfilm's most significant props and costumes, The Magic of Myth exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, in Washington D.C., is a fabulous chance for Star Wars enthusiasts to view and appreciate the artistry of the Trilogy in a way both up-close and personal. Though, in terms of content, it is very similiar to 1995's The Art of Star Wars exhibit in San Francisco, the Smithsonian's show is unique in its presentation: by focusing on the mythological resonance of the Trilogy's themes, and in dividing the material into sections based on the writings of Joseph Campbell, the exhibit attempts to bridge the gap between the gee-whiz enthusiasm of our popular culture, and the deeper influences of our mythological inheritance. Although, arguably, only partially successful, it is an interesting approach, which this section of the Star Wars Traveler has remained faithful to in terms of its organization of the included artifacts. Each of the below sections is based on a different stage of a hero's progress--from un-tested novice to victorious expert--and showcases objects which appear in what the Smithsonian feels are the corresponding sections of the Trilogy's films

The Call to Adventure: Blockade Runner/Dune Sea

The Wise and Helpful Guide: Jundland Wastes

The Threshold: Mos Eisley

Into the Labyrinth: the Death Star

Hero Deeds: the Assault on the Death Star

The Dark Road of Trials: Hoth

The Sacred Grove: Dagobah

Sacrifices: Bespin

The Hero's Return: Jabba's Palace

The Shadow Rises: ROTJ Elements

The Enchanted Forest: Endor

The Heart of Darkness: Assualt on Death Star II

The Final Victory: ROTJ Conclusion

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