The Hero's Return

By Ron Salvatore
Photography by Bill Karp and Ed Albano

The "hero's return" marks the end of the "road of trials." The hero must return from his adventures with the means to benefit his society. Luke comes home to Tatooine to rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt. This is not an easy transition for Luke; his new-found abilities as a Jedi Knight are doubted by friend and foe alike.

As the story continues, all the characters undergo changes: Han is resurrected from his carbonite tomb, Lando makes up for his betrayal of Han by helping to rescue him, and Leia assures the end of Jabba's reign of tyranny by destroying him herself.
--from the Smithsonian introduction

Everyone's favorite metal bikini is showcased here on a black mannequin, beside which can be seen the skiff guard, Weequay; the Rancor puppet; and, visible in the background, the production model of Jabba's Sail Barge.

The display showcasing the many costumes and creatures of Jabba's Palace is set inside a recessed space simulating the interior of the palace iteself. Here you can see the elaborate skiff guard disguise worn by Billy Dee Williams, the puppet for the rock creature, Worrt, and the costumes for Klaatu and a Gamorrean Guard.

Am I the only one who missed Sy in the ROTJ Special Edition?

Here you see the trio of dancers added to Return of the Jedi for its Special Edition re-release during the spring of 1997. From left to right, Rystall (Boba's girlfriend!!), Greeata, and Lyn Me. Just to their left is Rappurtunie, another "Special Addition" used in the re-vamped Jabba's Palace musical number.

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