Ryan and Jason Pond run into some old friends

SARLACC: Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club
Maintained by Gus Lopez (lopez@halcyon.com) and Pamela Green (chibi@halcyon.com)

This is the web page for the Seattle area Star Wars collecting club. If you would like to join or find out more about our club, send email to Gus Lopez. We meet once a month (the 2nd Wednesday of each month) (and on other non-regularly scheduled occasions as well) at the location listed below (the location changes every few months). If you have specific questions about our meeting time and location, please contact Lauren Bock.

oAt last it can be told! SARLACC invades the 1999 Star Wars Celebration in Denver.
oThanks to Jason and Ryan Pond for hosting the first annual SARLACC BBQ. And thanks to Garry for finally getting me those BBQ pix. :-)
o Comic Con '98. The amazing, as well as partly true, story of SARLACC's visit to Comic Con International
o Club Roster
o Map to the Bock residence. This is the location for monthly meetings starting December '97. This map also allows you to generate directions from your location!
o Driving directions to the Bock residence. Meeting Location starting December '97
o The Star Wars Collectors Archive