La Poste R2-D2 shipping box
The French post company ran a line of Star Wars merchandise for the release of The Force Awakens in theaters late 2015. Although it can seem like a basic product, this was actually the first time that the French post office ran an offer tied-in with a Star Wars movie (a previous attempt had been made in 2010 with ESB / Luke Bespin stamp for the Jules Verne festival featured ( here).)

In addition to a great line of merchandise, La Poste designed a great deal of in-store advertising material such as store displays and flyers, and even designed promotional material for their mail and package sorting facilities (a near full size Vader shaped display and a garland style banner). Look out for the other items listed in the Archive about this great product line.

This cardboard R2 is a prepaid shipping box used for domestic shipments. Its design and size are based on the Post office regular medium size package. It was sold flatten and requires easy folding to be built. It is supposed to have been produced at 50000 units � it can appear a high number as those were actually quite limited and not even available in all post offices� who knows how many were actually shipped, which was a pretty good business opportunity for the French post office.

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Film:The Force Awakens
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