Star Wars 20-Back Z6-PO (C3PO)
The 'sispeo' Z-6PO figure as available in France from 1979 to 1982 by french licensee MECCANO. Starting in 1979, the square cardback format became the standard, including for figures already available. The first 12-back (standard rectangular format) Z-6PO can also be seen on the Archive (click here).

Here are pictured TWO of these square cards Meccano Z-6PO, the left one is in decent condition for a meccano card after more than 30 years of existence; The right one is in collectors terms, a 'dead-mint and case-fresh' card ! pristine condition and unpunched.

Sharp eyes will also notice that the pristine one does not feature reference number in the lower right corner as it is always the case for meccano SW square-cards. The item is 100% genuine so it is unclear if it is from a 2nd print run in which ref number would have been removed, or if it is just a printing error.

For the record, I bought this card as a damaged card so one can imagine my face when I opened the package to discover a pristine card; the seller, an antiques store, just took a picture he found to illustrate the item, he probably didn't know condition was also a factor of value.

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
From the collection of: Stephane Faucourt
Film:A New Hope
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)


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