1984 / Emperor's Throne Room Diorama (1 of 2)

This shot is just so cool. Really, the diorama seen here is the offspring of action figure set-ups from earlier Toy Fairs, such as the mountain-like dioramas from 1980 and 1981. But the ingenuity here is taken to an entirely new level. If you haven't figured out already, the setting is meant to represent the Emperor's throne room from the second Death Star. All of the figures then available are present on it. One of the Archive's editors, Chris Georgoulias, atually owns a piece of this diorama-- the Emperor's Throne, seen here. It was purchased from a former Kenner salesmen who routinely worked Toy Fair. Also on the wall can be seen a couple of hand-made Return of the Jedi logo signs. These, too, have entered private collections via the same former salesman

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1984 Throne Room