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The showroom diorama for 1984 was pretty elaborate. By this point in time, the Star Wars toy line was a staple of Kenner's annual offerings and they'd become accustomed to giving it a lavish roll-out at Toy Fair. Unfortunately, we don't have photos of the 1982 and '83 showrooms to demonstrate how these display set-ups progressed over time, but the diorama seen here is a step up from those of 1981, which themselves were pretty complex. This shot shows the '84 diorama, which is sort of a mix of the Tatooine and Endor environments. It utilizes some pretty nifty cut-outs in the background, which help to give it some dimension. As you can see, the Y-Wing and X-Wing Fighters, Ewok Village and several smaller toys are incorporated into its setting.

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1984 Diorama