Mailaway Offers: Young Jedi Knight Kit

Expiration Date: None listed. Offer was available in 1984.
How Available: Packages were mailed to random young males. It was planned that a figure would be included in this package. A second figure could then be obtained by sending away the included card along with a $1.00 shipping payment.
How Advertised: N/A

Description: The Young Jedi Knight promotional package is somewhat mysterious. Most examples that have surfaced are internal Kenner samples, as their being addressed to John A. Sample attests. While some children did receive the envelope portion of the package, I have not run into anyone who actually received a free figure through this promotion. Apparently, the envelopes were sent to the families of young males who Kenner thought were prime targets for their Star Wars line. From looking at the materials in the sample envelopes, it appears that it was planned to come in a larger package, which would have included a figure. A second figure could then be sent away for by simply applying one of the stickers included in the envelope to the provided card and sending it, along with a $1.00 shipping payment, to Kenner. The figures the child had to choose from were Luke in Jedi Knight outfit, Darth Vader, Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio. The purpose of this promotion was obviously to help keep Star Wars fresh in the minds of youngsters in the absence of a new film installment.

mailer box
Business reply envelope for rebate and action figure
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Letter with $1.00 rebate and free action figure coupons
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A special message from Luke Skywalker!
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This poster came in the kit.

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