Mail-away Offers: Collector's Coin Album plus Special "Gold Colored" Coin (unreleased)

Expiration Date: March 31, 1986
How Available: 3 Proofs of Purchase plus $1.00
How Advertised: Planned for the unreleased POTF93 cardbacks.

Description: The cancellation of the Power of the Force line left a few neat ideas in limbo. One of the ideas in the works was another mail-away offer.  The Collector's Coin Album would have given collectors of the Power of the Force action figures a much needed and attractive method of storing the coins that were included with the action figures.  The book itself is rather plain, so that likely explains why Kenner decided to also include a special "gold colored" coin, often referred to today as the infamous 63rd coin that eludes several coin completists. All items associated with this offer were never released by Kenner.

front cover

open view (note the special 'gold colored' coin in the top left slot)

the special 'gold colored' coin, commonly referred to today as the "63rd coin"

offer from the proposed POTF93 cardback

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