John Wooten

I've been collecting pretty much since Star Wars stuff first came out.  My mother remembers being disappointed there were no toys available that first Christmas, but soon after, we added the first pieces in what would become quite a large pile.  Check out my entry in the Nostalgia section to see where it all began.

I picked up collecting again in around 1991-92 when I realized people actually saved the boxes and packages.  Although I had kept all my old toys and saved them in good condition, it never occurred to me that tons of other kids did the same thing, and further still, tons of people saved stuff that had never even been opened.  This was a revelation for me.  I really started to pick up steam when I first got on the internet and found, ironically enough, this site in one of it's earliest incarnations.  After a bit of time where I just picked up items here and there without developing any strong interests, I decided to go after "Star Wars" boxed items.

I enjoy trying to collect pretty much anything Kenner produced for the Star Wars line from 1977-79 in either unused or sealed condition. I also collect merchandising memorabilia from this time frame such as displays, internal Kenner documents and prototypes (especially packaging samples and prototype designs), store displays and various other non toy items.  I also collect quality carded vintage Stormtroopers and Stormtrooper proof cards for most all cardback variations and other items that contained Kenner's 3.75 inch Stormtrooper action figure.  You can see which ones I have so far by clicking here.  If you have a variation for sale that is not on this page please email me.

Above all else, the fun part of collecting is meeting so many people from all walks of life who share this one common phenomenon.  I never get tired of talking about Star Wars, from the most mundane subject to something new and exciting, if you have any questions or suggestions for parts of this site, don't hesitate to email me.