Here is another view of the dining room ceiling. This photo was taken at approximately the same angle at which Luke's confrontation with Owen was shot. It was also our view as we sat, swilling Tunisian wine, and chomping on brik. At certain random points in the evening, one of us would bark, "But the harvest is when I need you most!" inevitably sending both of us into hysterical giggles. Our waiter quietly sat down our bowl of coucous, and then quickly backed out of the room. They're probably still telling stories about the two obviously mad Americans who came to dine.

Below the dining room is another room that was used for filming in ANH.

An incredible amount of changes were made to this room to give it the appearance of Beru's kitchen in A New Hope.

Though it's obviously being used as a storage room now, this room was the one in which matronly Aunt Beru was seen chucking mysterious-looking vegetables into steaming pots.

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