Sidi Bouhlel: Inside the Canyon

Big Scary Rocks

By Pamela Green
Photography by Pamela Green and Gus Lopez

Continue walking up into the canyon. Many of the locations from many different scenes in ANH are still recognizable today.

Location: 34° 01' 56" N, 8° 16' 58" E (using Magellan GPS Pioneer)
Directions: From Tozeur, travel east towards Chott el Jerid. Right before you reach the chott, turn left (the sign says towards "DGHOUMES"). Continue on this road for 2.1 km, and then left on a dirt road. The canyon is at the foot of Sidi Bouhlel, just 1.6 km down this road. Sidi Bouhlel is a well-known marabout in the area. Be sure to lock your car door when you park.

One of the scenes I remember most from seeing Star Wars as a kid (OK, as a teenager) was lost R2 wheeling down the canyon, beeping dejectedly to himself. For a character that doesn't say a word during the entire trilogy, R2 is certainly one of the most emotive characters in the Star Wars saga.

Twenty-two years earlier, the film crew positioned themselves in the same location for this shot.

R2 basically wheeled down this way for a little while....

....until the Jawas zapped him, about here. the Jawa's favorite hiding place.

We checked behind the rock, just to make sure there were no more Jawas here. We wanted to bring one home for our friend Chris Nichols.

Now, don't get carried away...

Whoops! Is that one up thataway?

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